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MS Forms to CSS styled PDF

I'm brand new to Power Automate. The extent of my experience working with PA is creating a simple flow that emails the author of a form some response data.


The goal:

Take an MS Forms form and convert all the answers into a formatted PDF. Take this formatted PDF, attach it to an email, send it to the author of the Forms response that created the PDF, and send a copy to the agency admin.


I've successfully created a flow that takes an MS Forms form, all of its responses, and packages it as a non-formatted PDF (all of the data was just shoved into the PDF without any CSS styling), and I was capable of causing this flow to email the author of the Form and the agency admin a copy of this file (including key words from the Forms responses.). However this was a simple non formatted PDF without any CSS stylizing. Its basically garbage as it is.


I need help stylizing this PDF somewhere in the Flow automation. I was recommended creating a CSS style sheet and sticking it in my agency's One Drive for quick access. I'm not sure where to go after that though. Help?



Need Forms data to become a CSS styled PDF that is then emailed to the Forms author and the admin.


Guidance is much appreciated.




Please see attached screenshots.




The result of the above Flow gets me closer to my goal. Prior to this method I was attempting to convert an HTML table into a PDF. This process made the PDF very messy as I described above. 


I need further control over the contents of the PDF though. This simply lays things out in a point-style list with each Q/A flowing down in columnar fashion. There are radio buttons and tables in the Form that need to be displayed appropriately, otherwise the data won't make any sense and the purpose will be lost.


TL;DR again:

I need to format these data into a running list w/ tables and radio/check buttons without losing any data or readability.


*********EDIT 3

I've formatted my PDF in such a way that the readability is not lost terribly. The issue I'm experiencing now instead is that I can only print one page of content into a PDF. First I'm creating an HTML file for my content to be placed into. Then I associate all of the dynamic content with a <p> tag or <li> tag to get it to display how I want. When I ONLY submit the HTML document to myself (without any further conversions), I can convert the HTML file into a 2 page (or more, depending on run length...) PDF file just fine, no hitches, no hiccoughs.


Do I need to add more steps to my conversion from HTML file type to PDF file type?


What am I missing?


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