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Majority Approval move on once majority reached

Hello everyone! 


    I'm building a based off the Concurrency majority approval. It works and I can get my desired outcome. the problem is, I don't want to wait for all Respondents. Essentially, it's built like this:


  • An email is received
  • an approval for a change is created
  • 4 approvers receive an approval.
  • if 2 approvals occur, the request is approved.
  • If one rejection occurs before two approvals, the request is rejected.


  This works, but right now I have to wait for all approvers to respond.  I've thought of trying a DoWhile  loop  control, but that kicks off new approvals. I seem to just be stuck waiting for everyone to respond. This isn't ideal as I'll have potentially hundreds of this coming through per month and I need quick responses. all my searching shows that I'm not alone in this. Has anyone gotten this to work? where we wait until we hit a certain amount of approvals or rejections and then the flow will continue regardless of if all responses have been collected? Thanks. I'm still trying to come up with something to get this to work.

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Memorable Member

Hello @Jeremy_Montoya 

What we are doing to handle X number of approvers, without waiting for all of them, is to have a separate list in SharePoint Online that tracks the approvals.

The workflow then is like this:

  1. A document is requested to be reviewed for publishing - this requires approval
  2. The request is handled by a flow that identifies who are to be asked to review it and registers an approval item in the approval tracker (link to document to review, approver, status (request, approved, rejected, no response)).
  3. A second flow triggers on the approval item being created and with the information asks for approval 🙂
  4. A third flow triggers on the approval item being modified (that is the approval outcome is registered) and check to see if any approvals have been rejected or all have been approved and reacts accordingly.
  5. Hope the above can help you find a solution for your need 🙂

Kind regards, John

This is brilliant. You basically described how to recreate the SP onprem's "Workflow Tasks" list. 


This is the first solution I found that can answer the question "who has yet to approve an approval task where there are many approvers". 

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