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Manually Trigger a MS Team Approval containing consolidated Sharepoint List data

Hi all,


slowly searching through the different posts in here but I wanted to explain my problem in hopes that someone could help me. I have a process that I am trying to automate on Flow via MS Teams. I have managed to automate this part of the process (part 1):

Data from system --> uploaded to MS Teams Channel --> Power Automate extracts table data and loads to SP --> User Fills in the rest of the data --> calculated column determines tiered response

From here I have am having some difficulties with part 2. I require Flow to help me complete the following steps:

User manually triggers the creation of a MS Teams approval based on the new data (I have created a "choice" column called "approval required?" whereby if the approval is already sent (yes), then it must be excluded from part 2 but if the value is "no" (default value) then these items only must be included in part 2.


Part 2

I need Power Automate to first look at the yes / no choice column to find all of the "no" items (or for the user to manually select the columns? Im not sure how that works), then look at the "from" and "to" columns, group all like items (so lets say there are 15 lines in the original Excel table, and there are 3 sets of data / 5 lines each where the "from" AND "to" information are identical, I should have 3 lines in a table format showing "from" / "to" / "quantity" / "market value" / "#") pull and consolidate the totals from Sharepoint for each line in the table (all of those fields exist in the Excel data and are pointed to a corresponding SharePoint list column), create an approval message via MS Teams with that table, then look at the "Tier" column (calculated column), determine if one of 5 consolidated lines the "Tier" column is "Tier 1" / "Tier 2" / "Tier 3" / "Tier 4", assign each line to the highest tier (so if there are five lines and four have "tier 1" but one has "tier 4", then all five lines should be assigned as "Tier 4"), and pull from my already created "Approval List" as to who should receive the approval message, and then send a notification on MS Teams for the user to approve. 


I'm not even sure if this level of automation is too complex? I'm not sure if I have to break part 2 up in to multiple parts. I found a "Request Approval in Teams for a selected item in SP" flow that I'm going to try and customise. Would LOVE it if someone could help me with something more tailored. Any help / threads / previously found solutions would be IMMENSELY helpful. 


thank you.


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