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Match a unique list value to a corresponding value in other list, update field in list with value.............Why is this so hard to do?!?!?!?!?!

I have a list of assets that include a building number (formatted as a text field) with a standard 7 character convention of all numbers and leading zeroes (i.e. 0001000).  I have a list of buildings with their corresponding building numbers.  All I want to do is loop through the asset list, check if there is a match for its building number in the building list - building number field.  If there is, populate the building name in the asset list with the corresponding building name list.  Seems simple, but not so much so far.


Manual trigger

Get building list

Get asset list

Apply to each, loop through the asset list

Condition:  If Asset.Building_Number = Building.BLDG_NUM

Update current item Building_Name with corresponding building name of the matched building in the building list


The apply to each gets to the condition and just seems to go into an infinite loop until it times out. 

It seems like the compounding for loops in the "apply to each" that automatically presents itself is just killing the efficiency of the process.


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Solution Supplier

@MattW27 I had this issue before until I understood what my flow limits are. My flow would run perfectly when testing with a few records but would hang. I had to improve my flow actions and take away unnecessary compose/set variables, etc. Also had to implement a parent/child flow.


See below for limits:



Thanks @krootz .  I have been wondering that and I am not sure where or what my limits are.  What is bothersome is that it doesnt even seem to work for the first record, let alone get through ~1500 asset records.


Essentially it is a calculate/populate this field from another list.  I can do this in excel is seconds, but I cant keep downloading and uploading, and rebuilding this list. 


Additionally, I have been able to find good resources to really wrap my head around how it all of 365 works.  I swear I have done this easily in older versions of SP, but now everything is complicated with automate.  My company moved to O365 in the last year and has been incrementally implemented and I am the only one in my department with any SP experience.  I think we are screwed lol!

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