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Helper III

Microsoft Flow Date Help

I have a list that includes dates.  I'm looking to create a flow that checks this date field and 90 days from that date do an action.  


I have the flow set up to run every day with a Get Items Option to pull data from the SharePoint List. 


I have an Apply to each that is using the values from the Get Items with a Condition.  I'm having trouble writing out the expression for it to check a certain column (Termination Date) and 90 days from that date Send an email.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

Super User
Super User

@eenochs :


The easiest way to get this accomplished would be use the new "send an email reminder" Flow.  You'll see the "Create an Email Reminder" option from the Flow drop-down menu on any list with a modern interface and a date column.  It will ask how far in advance do you want the email to be sent.  If you use this, it will create a Flow that sends an email on a schedule.


You can edit this Flow to take any action you desire and remove the send email action.


If that won't work for you, please post here and I'll provide an example of a simple Flow that will meet your needs.



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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @eenochs @

According to your description, what confused you is the expression in the Condition action.

I have made a test on my side, please take a try with the following workaround:

The expression is: addDays(utcNow(),-90,'yyyy-MM-dd')


Best Regards,


I added in the time entry but having a issue with the flow accepting it as a true statement, wasn't sure if my statement was correct.  



Hi @eenochs ,

I think your statement is correct.

Please make sure the format of the 'Termination Date' in your list is 'yyyy-MM-dd', or set the expression format as the 'Termination Date'.

Best Regards,


Still having an issue with the statement working.  I reviewed one of the flow runs and the termination date is yyyy-MM-dd which is what I have in my expression.  The statement is still false.  For example in the list, I have the termination date set to 5/28/2019.  So the statement is if the termination date is Today plus 90 days which would be 5/28/2019 it should be true.  That isn't happening and not sure where the issue could be.  

Do you think the timezone could be the reason I'm dealing with?  Based on my statement should I account for UTC time zone and maybe convert the timezone to eastern prior to my expression?

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