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Missing 365 Profile or Manager


I have a sharepoint list with all employees, which we need to keep intact for those that have left the business.(User Profile V2)

We also have 3 senior Managers whose Manager is not in our 365 System (they are external) (Get Manager V2)


I have a flow that successfully loops through the employees, uses their email to get their manager and updates it.


It completes but returns a failure on the employee who has left, and the people without a manager. So I get failure messages.

I could just ignore them, as the other records are updating, but I would like to 'error trap' and get a green succesful flow. 


If employee doesn't exist then skip, if Manager doesn't exist then skip.


Can this be done?


My flow, and I did try using 'configure run after' on the update item but this doesn't stop it failing.




Super User II
Super User II

Hi @CYT_Dev 


Yes. I would recommend the following:

  1. After the "Get manager" press the +
  2. Add a parallel branch.
  3. Add a terminate action. Set it as "Succeeded."
  4. Press the "..." and "Configure run after."
  5. Select all error options.
  6. Press "Done".


This way, the Power Automate will update if there isn't an error and to the other parallel branch if there is an error. You'll see that the path will have a red color differentiating from the other. Here's the full process.


Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 11.28.09.png


You'll get:

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 11.28.18.png


Can you please check if and let me know if you have any questions?


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Hi, like the idea, but can't use a Terminate within an 'Each' function apparently




Hi @CYT_Dev,


Oh!!! YOU'RE RIGHT! MY BAD! I didn't notice that there was a loop there.


Use the same strategy with some other action that doesn't do much, and outside the loop, use the "Run After" strategy.


I think this will solve your problem, but if not, please let me know, and we'll solve it.


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not updated

Hi, still giving me issues, despite looking like it should work

I have parallel left is Update Item, set to 'Is Succesful' 

Right i added send a mail, which is useful after all, if it fails (all three)



The flow still fails, and therefore won't run periodically, and eventually greys out
The mails do send for the 2 items that it fails on. But it looks like it is is till trying to update



Have i missed something?


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