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Move emails received in a shared mailbox dynamically in email subfolder

Hi all,

In our shared mailbox we receive a hug amount of emails daily. To avoid manually searching, I would like to move the emails to a subfolder based on the UserID.

An Excel file shows both the reference and the UserID as a table. Based on this table I would like to move emails to the separate sub folders.

When I select a particular subfolder, the flow works fine. But I would like to make it dynamic, based on the UserID table and reference.

The flow looks like this:








The first part is to find the reference in the email header. Based on that reference and the table the email should dynamically move to the subfolder.

The subfolder names and the UniqueID's in the table have been copy-pasted, so 100% matching.

If anybody knows how to make this dynamic, would be awesome! Thanks


Hi @PatriciaHogen1 

Why do you state that you are not sending the emails to a sub-folder dynamically? Taking a look at your "Move email" action you are already moving the message to a subfolder based on the UID that was caught from the excel file.


What additional steps would you like to include in this part, and where are getting blocked/having issues? could you elaborate?




Hi @rimatos ,

When I use a test email, the flow throws this error:

Specified folder 'Inbox/GRI032 name' does not exist. clientRequestId: 1d6193c2-86ac-4242-9439-e28bb8b1fb5e serviceRequestId: 24a3f135-2483-4510-b026-185cd9b5d89d


When I select this specific sub folder and perform the test, the email will move to the correct folder.


The output reads:


    "headers": {
        "Strict-Transport-Security""max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains",
        "Cache-Control""no-store, no-cache",
        "Date""Wed, 09 Sep 2020 08:45:29 GMT",
    "body": {
        "message""Specified folder 'Inbox/GRI032 GLENN RICHTERS' does not exist.\r\nclientRequestId: 1d6193c2-86ac-4242-9439-e28bb8b1fb5e\r\nserviceRequestId: 24a3f135-2483-4510-b026-185cd9b5d89d",
        "errors": []

 If you know how to actually make the moving of emails dynamic, would be wonderful!

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