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Moving files from one SharePoint Document Library to another based on a Library Column value change

New to Power Automate question, similar to things I've read in Automate moving files in SharepointFlow for moving files, and Move File or Folder based on Column Yes/No.


I have a SharePoint Document Library with various Metadata fields or Columns. One of those fields is 'Obsolete' with Yes/No value. What I'd like to setup is an automated flow triggered when a file property is updated to 'Obsolete = Yes' to Move that file to a different Document Library (if I needed to have a daily recurring flow, that would suffice). The struggle I'm having is how to 'select' the file that has the Property value changed to factor into the Move action.


What I've been using:

  • When an item or file is modified
    • Setting my Site Address and List or Library Name accordingly
  • I've tried a few different things here, but currently sitting with 'Get files (properties only)'
  • Condition
    • Obsolete = Yes
  • True > Move file
    • Configuring the original location and the new intended location
  • False > No Action

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've struck out with the Templates and examples that I've found online. I don't want to do a Copy To and Delete as that would lose the Version History on the file.



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I received some guidance today regarding using Trigger Conditions, but alas I'm still not finding success. The information that was provided made everything seem so simple, so I think I was on the wrong track to start, but now I'm still missing some pieces to put this whole thing together.


I've still got my SharePoint (When an item or a file is modified) action. Then I got to the ellipsis (...) > Settings > and add a Trigger Condition at the bottom. My expression is '@equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Obsolete'],true)' as I want items in the library with the Obsolete flag enabled to trigger the ensuing action. This first piece is evaluating correctly when doing the Test run on the flow.


My next action is SharePoint (Move file), where I think my confusion still lies within the 'File to Move' field. I'm not really sure what should be in there. It should tie to the trigger right? Whatever file triggered the flow is the file that should be moved.


I keep getting similar Error Details messages with whatever I try to manipulate.

  • Failed to verify the existence of source object at '<SharePoint-URL>' due to error 'The system cannot find the file specified.


It appears as though the correct file is being identified, but then the flow can't find where that file is to perform the Move action.

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