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Multi-Flow Conundrum

Hi All,

First of all, thank you to all the commentors on this community, you have been a great aid in my learning over the past 18 months, you're contributions are amazing and i'm very greatful for the time and effort.


I'm hoping you could drop a few ideas as i'm currently stuck with the following scenario:


I need to send and email every 24 hrs whilst a sharepoint field = "1. Identified"

I then need to send an email every week whilst a share point field = "2. Assessment"

I then need to send an email every 28 days whilst a sharepoint field = "3. Status / 4. Status / 5. Status" until "6. Closed" 


My first thought was to write the following 3 flows:


1) Wait 24 hrs, check status, If "1. Identified", send email, restart flow. if not, trigger next flow (2)

2) Wait 7 days, check status, If "2. Assessment", send email, restart flow, if not, trigger next flow (3)

3) Wait 28 days, check status, If "3. Status / 4. Status / 5. Status", send email, restart flow, else **terminate**


I was excited to see the 'new' call a child flow connector but unfortunately you're unable to 'restart' the flow. I thought this would be a reasonable way to stay within the the 30 day limit, where a business process will indeed exceed that time.


I have a feeling the only way to acomplish this is by using a http request but i wanted to be sure before i consider this.


Your ideas (if any) are greatly appreciated!




Super User
Super User

@dharrisonExo  you could do a scheduled flow, that runs daily, and get the records based on SharePoint field value is Identified, Assessment or other values you want to check, and then there must be a date in record like created or modified against which you can check 24 hours, 7 days or 28 days.

Anna Jhaveri

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A few issues with this proposal...

1) I Think scheduled flow would send out all the emails at the same time? Which means the group would be hit with a whole bunch of emails at the same time, every day.


2) The status changes are not time stamped so it would be hard to do determine when an item has moved from one status to another and then route into the next cycle (7 days, 28 days)


I'm currently putting together a prototype that involves a record being written to a list, when the item is created, the workflow runs (handles all the logic) if it gets to 28 days, it will write a new record to the list and delete the = item it's running on (this in effect will start start the workflow again). 


A new item would also be created each time the logic decides that the status has moved it into the next 'cycle' 7 days, 28 days.


Will post the solution if it works out



Hi @dharrisonExo ,

Sounds interesting . Please share the draft details  / solution and we will discuss / enhance if required. 





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