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Helper III
Helper III

Multi Level Condition Approval Error

Hello! @Expiscornovus you helped earlier with this flow. I am stuck yet again with a multi level approval flow I am working on.


I have a 3 level parallel branch approval that go to 3 different groups in my organization for approval based on the criteria. I'm having issues with the third option below (#3):


1. If less than $25k - route directly to Accounting (this condition flow works fine)

2. If greater than $25k - route to the Executive VP then based on approval route to Accounting (this condition flow works fine - but maybe I need to modify it to say "Greater than $25k, less than $100k?")

3. If greater than $100k - route to the Executive COO & VP; then based on approval route to Accounting (having issues with this condition flow. The approval of both the COO and VP are triggering; however, when approved it is not routing to Accounting)


I'm sure that I don't have the flow correctly set up. As of right now, this 3rd option should only trigger when the Project Budget Amount is greater or equal to $100k. It should then route to both the Executive VP and the Executive COO. I currently have these two flows in separate conditions. The approval emails trigger, but once approved it should route to Accounting and I am getting an error. Possibly because I cannot have two condition flows run at the same time and routed in the same way (???) 


Ideally, I need 3 condition flows for my Project Budget Amount:

1. Less than $25k - send approval to Accounting

2. Greater or equal to $25k - send approval to Executive VP - once approved, send to Accounting (how do I prevent this condition from triggering when greater than $100k?)

3. Greater or equal to $100k - send approval to Executive VP and COO - once approved, send to Accounting (how do I add the Executive VP to this condition?)


The approvals are a linked...meaning, I want to capture the Responses for each approval and they are updated on the SharePoint list. 


Please help!! Not sure what is the best way to account for this. 


3 parallel branch conditions

Parallel Branch Conditions.jpg


Greater than $25k Exec VP condition approval routing

25k approval routing.jpg


25k Exec VP approval leads to accounting approval routing

25k accounting switch case.jpg


25k accounting approval.jpg



Greater than $100k Exec COO condition approval routing (pretty much same setup as 25k Exec VP) 

100k approval.jpg


$100k Exec COO approval accounting routing


100k accounting routing.jpg


Error I am getting when the above flow runs. Project Budget Amount was greater than 100k. Both the 25k & 100k condition flows ran. The approvals triggered fine. When it got to the accounting routing for each, the flow failed. Think it might be that I cannot have the same accounting routing run simultaneously under two separate conditions. What is the best way to get this to work?



BadRequest. The request failed. Error code: 'InvalidApprovalCreateRequestAssignedToMissing'. Error Message: 'Required field 'assignedTo' is missing or empty.'.




25k accounting routing fail

25k accounting error.jpg


100k accounting routing fail

100k accounting error.jpg


@annajhaveri So in this example I am trying to process a request that is a New Project ID which is tied to 'Project Budget Amount.' The 'Budget Increase Amount' is a number amount (XXXXX.XX) tied to the Increase Budget to Existing Project ID option which was not selected. It's null in this case. That's why I think I'm getting the error. 

@knandez05  Use following expression, this will handle null value, if the value is null the variable will be assigned zero otherwise the value from column will be assigned to variable, replace Percent, with your column name.

@{if(empty(outputs('Get_item')?['body/Percent']), 0, int(outputs('Get_item')?['body/Percent']))}


Anna Jhaveri

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@annajhaveri It doesn't seem to be taking the expression. I tried using 'BudgetIncreastAmt' in place of the column name and it still isn't working. 

@{if(empty(outputs('Get_item')?['body/rc5fa423dceaf456393218ec3e3796cf1]), 0, int(outputs('Get_item')?['body/rc5fa423dceaf456393218ec3e3796cf1]))}

 variable expression error.jpg

@knandez05 in your expression a quote ( ' ) is missing after 'body/rc5fa423dceaf456393218ec3e3796cf1]. Please use below expression

if(empty(outputs('Get_item')?['body/rc5fa423dceaf456393218ec3e3796cf1']), 0, int(outputs('Get_item')?['body/rc5fa423dceaf456393218ec3e3796cf1']))
Anna Jhaveri

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Helper III
Helper III

Sorry for the oversight and thank you @annajhaveri. I used 'Get_reponse_details' instead of 'Get_items' and it worked.


But now is it not processing my Conditions. I swear if its not one thing its the other. I appreciate all of your help with this!


When I ran the test for New Project ID at $50k, it didn't process the Budget Increase variable which was good. 

variables run process.jpg


But then my $50k condition it should have processed thru came back as 'false.'

Condition $50k false.jpg


and(greaterOrEquals(variables('Project Budget Amount'),25000),less(variables('Project Budget Amount'),100000))

Condition $25k expression.jpg

@knandez05  can you export the flow and provide the zip file, from screenshot the flow looks correct, but if i see the entire flow, it would give me more idea, of where it is going wrong.

Anna Jhaveri

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Helper III
Helper III

@annajhaveri Thank you for all of your help & patience. It seems to be working now. I ran a full test on all 3 conditions for both request types and had no issues. 

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @annajhaveri. I was wondering if I can trouble you with one last thing....I've been getting a duplicate email at the end of my flow. The first level approval email triggers when I complete the last step in my flow, the accounting approval. I cannot seem to figure out why...I am not getting an error. It would just cause confusion. How can I download a zip file to send to you for review? The file seems too large to include in the code section or even in a photo screenshot (its about 20 pages). Please advise. Thank you again in advance.

@knandez05  you can download the flow by using Export as shown in below screenshot, then upload zip to onedrive and share the link via message here.




Anna Jhaveri

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One drive won't work. What other option do I have?


Anna Jhaveri

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Helper III
Helper III

Hello @annajhaveri 


Here is the dropbox link to my workflow:


The most recent error has been with the Initialize Variable for Project Budget Amount and/or the Budget Increase Amount or the Set Variable for those respectively. I had the flow working with no issues but once we went into Beta test a user entered $95,227.97 instead of 95227.97 in the Project Number field and this broke the workflow and I cannot seem to fix it.


I would love to see if it is possible to enter $95,227.97 on the form and have it translate into the Approvals email as so. 


Initialize variable Project Budget Amt error

initialize variable proj budg amt.jpg


Initialize variable Budget Increase Amt error

Budget Increase Amt error.jpg


Set variable for Project Budget Amt

Set Variable Project Budget Amount.jpg


Here is how it was setup previously in the same way and it was working. 

Previous Proj Budget Amt succussful.jpg



Project Budget Amount Integer.jpg


Below is the form where the user inputs the Project Budget Amt. I've only been able to get it to work by not including $ or commas.


As in the case with the error above, the user entered the amount with $ and Commas and the process broke. I have not been able to repair it even when submitting it the correct way below. But having them include $ and commas will better assist in the process of submitting requests and so that the Approval emails are better to understand. 



The approval emails are better understood when the $ and commas are in place. 

approval email.jpg


Any help is much appreciated as always. 

@knandez05  to support the value $95,227.97, you need to define the variable type as Float

Anna Jhaveri

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Thank you @annajhaveri. How does that affect/change the expression I currently have for the Set Variable for both Project Budget Amount and Budget Increase Amount?


Project Budget Amt & Increase Budget Amt Initialize & Set Variables.jpg


Set variable - Project Budget Amt



Set variable - Budget Increase Amt



@knandez05  in the expressions wherever you are using int, you need to change it float

Anna Jhaveri

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