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Multiple Identifiers/ Grab Meta Deta from 2 files

Hello Everyone,


I am relatively new to Flow ,but have created several in the past though they have all been pretty basic. I am trying to create a workflow for document approvals. What I want to do is the following.


  1. Marketing User creates file and uploads it to sharepoint, alert is sent to department head,department head forwards to one of his employees to add comments. (This flow is done)
  2. Department head or one of their employees uploads file with comments to different sharepoint folder and marketing user is notified via email the content is ready for editing. (this flow is done)
  3. Now here is where I run into issues. I want the marketing user to upload the document to a third folder for final approval, then I want the user who uploaded the file in step 2 to be sent the file for final approval.

Where I am having difficulties is how to have a trigger for "When a file is created" and attach that file to an email, but also get the "Modified By" email address for the file uploaded in step 2. I hope this makes sense, any tips or ideas on how this might be able to be accomplished is greatly appreciated.


Super User III
Super User III

@Anonymous- is there any link between the files uploaded in step 1 and step 2?  For example, do users have to select the file in list 1 from a lookup column when uploading their file to list 2?  Is there any field that is common between the two?  Without that, I don't know how you can reach your goal.



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Hi Scott, no they do not as of now. However I am open to other workflows. Would you be able to describe how the lookup columns might work? I have not used them before.

Can you tell me how you know who gets the email in step 2?


Can you describe or post the columns in your libraries? Screen shot?

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Hi Scott,


My apologies for my ignorance as I do not know what you mean when you refer to columns in the library. The response email in step 2 will always go to the same person. I am attaching a screenshot of the flow in that step. workflow.png

The workflow I envisoned is that

  1. Marketing user uploads file to folder A (there are multiple folders for each department)
  2. Once uploaded, the head of the department recieves an email notifying them a file was uploaded. The department head can then forward the email to one of their employees to add additional comments/technical details.The department head OR the employee dept. head forwarded email to uploads the document with comments to folder B (this is the flow shown)
  3. Marketing User reviews and incorporates comments/details into the document and uploads to folder C
  4. Once uploaded, the modified by user from step 2 recieves an approve/not approve email

Again, I am open to changing the process/workflow to fit what is possible in flow. However, the above is what I was originally envisioning.

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