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Multiple Users Submitting Forms at the Same Yield the Wrong Email Response

I have a flow that is nearing completion. I previously received help resolving one problem in the flow here: Problem 1 


The Flow functions as follows:

An employee will complete an Order Form through Forms indicating quantities they want to purchase. The Form is connected to an Excel Online file stored on OneDrive. When the form populates the response, Excel Online simultaneously logs the information from in one table and also creates an entry in a second table to capture the details used to produce a receipt. The second table then calculates the order value by multiplying order quantity and price (stored in the same excel file). The flow then takes the last entry in the table and sends and email to the employee who completed the original form.


The flow almost works. The exception now is that when multiple users submit orders within about the same minute. I'm guessing here, but it seems now that because of the Delay action that was the fix in Problem 1  the HTML Table is not exclusive for each new record. The HTML Table Output is not sending the correct data back to each user. If I stagger the inputs the issue does not exist.


In order to produce the correct HTML Table I've used the action "List Rows Present in a Table" with the Order By "ID Desc" and Top Count "1". This will take the ID number associated with a new record and sort the table in descending order producing the most recent entry. This could be one reason for this issue? My current thinking is that instead of sorting the table I will need to filter the table. I do not know how to use the ODATA Filter Query but also I'm not sure if this is the best approach.


I appreciate any insight into addressing this last problem.

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Hi @LSIchris 


Have a look at my blog post about Excel ODATA Query



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Thanks for sharing. After reviewing your page there is good information there but I don't think it's capturing the specific request.


I'm curious if you can advise if combining a filter query with a expression works to retrieve only the last row of a table:

IQ eq '@Last(ID)'


Thank you

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