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Multiple flows one SharePoint list, users get 2 emails



I tried to follow this


What im trying to solve.

Colums used that should send user an email when something changes.

Column: "Status" (Sends email to user(User = created by) when Status is set to Closed)

Column:  "Assigned" (Send email to user(User = created by) when field contains a person or group, if null do nothing.

Column: "Case Comments" (Send email to the user if someone types a comment. If user types a comment send email to "Assigned". This flow checks Modified by.


So now when cloumn "Status" or "Assigned" changes it also equals modified by and the "Case Comment" Flow is triggerd so the user will end up with 2 emails one from "Case comments" and one from "Status" or "Assigned"


But im stuck on the link on top i cant figure out how to trigger specific column only.

The select part i can only pick Body or type in Body('SPREST-Versions')?['value'] as an expression i do not have anything named Value to select.

Im trying to Map against a Column named "Case Comments" this contains a multiple line of text.

In Condition im using 

Im getting this error: The template validation failed: 'The action(s) 'Comments' referenced by 'inputs' in action 'Condition' are not defined in the template.'.
2019-04-01 10_32_08-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png

HI @JimmyWork 


I've just created an easier pattern for triggers on specific fields:


@Pieter_Veenstra Thank you for the information, i will try this out today. 

I appriciate all the help here, im not sure i would like to have a shadowlist to write everything twice, there will be maybe 5000 items or more in this list and i would like to keep it as 1 list.


Can i have like  a hidden column in the original list instead of having another list?



Do i understand this correctly, your flow will fail if a new item is created?


Hi Jimmy,


I totally agree that a shadow list is not ideal,but it is in many cases better than cluttering the orignal list. Also, if you update the existing list with hidden columns you will find that you update the triggering item all the tiem tresulting in more runs.


No, my flow will not fail, the run after settings on the update item will avoid that form happening. Only the create item action may fail, but the flow will not fail


Sorry for the late replay and thank you for answering.



The shadowlist will the data here always be empty?


If im comparing this to an empty column then it wont work for me.

Basicly saying if column is empty or contains data this is what i can check?


Assigned: Contains a person
Status: When set to closed it will send an email to the Created by.
Created by: Is used to check where to send email for Comments and Status

Comments: If Created by edits comments an email is sent to Assigned. If Assigned edits Comments an email is sent to Created by. (This column can contain a conversation so both assigned and created by can answer mutliple times)


Now if i set the column Status to closed, i will get 2 emails right now. One from the Status column saying the ticket is closed. And one from the Comments field because the item is edited.



Im sorry but im not finidng the Match Item part in flows. Im new to this but i dont have a action named Match Item


I ended up doing something similare to what you described in your post and it works. My only issue is that the column is set to Append Changes to Existing Text and version history on because i need to keep the information i had before. This means when the flow is finished it will add the Comment 2 times, one from my account when i edit the item and one when the flow updates the item so the Column history entries looks like this.


System Account:
Posted Comment Test

User Account Posted Comment Test


So my column displays everything double now


When i tested this out it will edit my Modified By column and say my system account for flow. Becaus eth flow updates the item. If i do this my other flow will fail as it uses modified by to check a column named comments.

In the column comments my flow check if Assigned edits comment send email to created by, if created by edits comments send email to assigned.


If i use shadow list to achive what i want for my other flow then my modified by field will say system account for flow.

I want to basicly do this.


If Assigned field does not contain new data do not send email, if it changes send email to new assigned.

And i can do this with your method but then my other flow that uses the modified by field wont work.

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