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Advocate II
Advocate II

Multiple response option buttons in email for confirmations not radio choices



I really like the send an email with responses feature in Flow. I am trying to extend the functionality to confirming line items being emailed.


Instead of a Yes/No or radio button type choice in the email:


I would like to send something like:


In my case I would like the recipient to be able to click confirm for any line item, and have that response sent back through Flow and ultimately into a SQL Server DB.


If there is a limitation on the number/type of button that can be in an email, is there a way to pull and send information from the email response? Like checkboxes that the user then says confirm with one button:



I'm not familar with API calls, or if there is any way to embed a pre-paramterized hyperlink call to a Flow API in an email. Any help is appreciated!



Community Support
Community Support

Re: Multiple response option buttons in email for confirmations not radio choices

Hi @Charles_John,


The function for multiple response option buttons in email for confirmations is not supported in microsoft flow currently. 

I afraid that there is no any way to achieve your requirement in Microsoft Flow currently.


If you want to function that you mentioned to be supported in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


Best Regards,


Advocate II
Advocate II

Re: Multiple response option buttons in email for confirmations not radio choices

For others searching,


I found a very cool and straightforward (after 5 hours of research) way to accomplish multiple line level responses in an email. Please excuse any misused vocaublary, I'm not familar with HTTP speak. Essentially, I want to email my user a list of items, a button for each item, and when the button in the email is clicked, I want the corresponding record in my SQL Server DB to update.


Flow 1: Setup a flow to trigger off an HTTP requests

This is what will receive the action of clicking on a button in the email




Trigger: HTTP Request is Received

  • I used the method = 'GET'
  • Important! create a relativePath in the format someword/{someotherword}
    • This will be act at as the parameter

Action: Update row in SQL Server / what ever source you use

  • The someotherword in the URL parameter is my record ID in my database. I use that to update the row

Action: HTTP Reponse (Optional)

  • I have parallel branches, one for success, one for failure, that give a basic "Thank you for your confirmation" user feedback after the link is clicked


Flow 2: Send the links via Email to the user


Trigger: Whatever you want

Action 1: I'm using MSSSQL, so I have a query that gets the IDs of the rows of interest

Action 2: Initialize a variable, set it equal to the HTTP GET URL in the previous Flow

Action 3: Create the body of the email

  • For my purposes I put everything into an HTML table.
  • Important! I use a replace function to parameterize my HTTP Flow URL
  • Your URL will look something like this:
  • Use a replace function to replace someotherword with the Record ID you want to update
    • replace(variables('URLVariable'), '{someotherword}', item()?['Record ID'])

Action 4: Put in the body of an email and send




Note, to get a prettier format and buttons you can use HTML to build nice looking visuals. This site has some good ones I'm planning to add a loop to build a custom HTML table with custom buttons.



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