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Multiple scheduled emails from excel sheet by date time with email, subject and text

Hello everybody,

any help leading to realize the following flow is much appreciated.


Goal: send emails according to date and time listed in a spreadsheet with email address, subject and body as in same row of date and time


Input basis: excel spreadsheet with the column date, time, email adress, subject, text  -> located on onedrive




sending an email at the according time

including information from the same row like email adress subject and text


would be happy if anyone could steer my thoughts in the right directions 🙂


stay safe and sane,



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

You look like you are close, but I would suggest a couple changes.

1) Don't run the recurrence every minute.  I would extend that out to 5 or 10 minutes.  A slightly slower schedule will actually make it work better without overwhelming the system.

2) Use a filter array to filter out any rows where the time is less than the start time of the flow or greater than the start time of the flow plus 5-10 minutes (whatever you set the recurrence to)

3) Now the output of the filter array will have only the records where emails need to be sent by this run of the flow. 

4) Run the output through a Parse JSON action to gain access to the individual fields in the output.

5) Use apply to each to send one email for each remaining row.

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somehow managed to do it:



I split date and time in the excel spreadsheed

and for the conditions I used these two in an AND connection



hope this helps others too



thank you for your hints. they gave me the momentum to continue on this project.

my skills are beginnger so I was unable to do it via parse JSON action



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