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Need help to decide the logic for our SP List automation

We have 4 possible paths when a person creates or modifies a SP list item

1) If field Report Type = Data Extract, the flow just sends an email

2.1) If filed New Report/ Version = Yes, then flow checks if Sign-off = Yes, if both are yes then sends an email for approval- after that approval/ rejection it updates the SP list again to update Approval column

2.2) Now since, flow made an update to the SP list it runs again this time with Approval column value = either Approve or Reject, i don't know how to not send the email for approval again so i used a condition "Approval Value = Not Applicable"

3) If filed New Report/ Version = Yes, then flow checks if Sign-off = No, in this case it sends an email only

4) If New Report/ Version = No, then flow checks if Sign-off = No, in this case both are no so again it just sends an email. Approval value by default is Not applicable again


Now- the problem is that i don't have a logic to distinguish point 2.2 & 4. I am sharing the logic of flow below please assist on creating a logic to distinguish these two as 2 separate emails needs to be sent out! Hope you are able to follow the query!



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

@Anonymous ,


4 and 2.2 do not have to be on the same branch if you check the approval value.


in 2.2 the approval value is no longer "Not Applicable", it is either "Approve" or "Reject", whereas in 4 the Approval value is "Not Applicable".


A condition to check the Approval value will separate those two cases and you can determine what goes into the email sent for each case separately.


I might be missing something, but that's how it seems based on what you provided.




Hi @Anonymous ,


Having one more field with level as 1 , 2 or 3 will help you determine the conditions accurately with default value being 1 so that when you read it being 1 it is lying at first level of approval. As you mentioned once approved you are updating it with approved /rejected , so you can advance it to next level and other logic remain same.



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