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Need to pull excel data from a sharepoint folder, send an email reminder, and escalate accordingly

Hi. I am new to power automate and I have been looking through multiple results but none of them have exactly what I'm looking for and I, admittedly, am too inexperienced to try to build this from scratch. I have a report that is pulled on a schedule, put into an excel spreadsheet, and dumped into a Sharepoint folder. I need to be able to automate pulling a user's name and email to send an email reminding them of an issue. Now, on the second instance of that same user's name popping up in the report, I need the email to notify both the user and their manager. Then, on the third instance of the same user's name showing on the report I will need the email to go to the user, their manager, and two additional concerned parties. Basically, if their name keeps popping up I need to be able to escalate the reminder accordingly. If Power Automate isn't capable of these things, I would be interested in other avenues. Getting these tasks automated to where we don't have to manually send reminders is extremely important. Thank you.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @WinonaMouse ,


When you use Excel as the data source, you need to store the data in the form of a table.

I have made a test for your reference:

1.This is my data source.


2.List the data in the Excel table.


3.Use select to get the user name. 

4. Use the union function to remove duplicates, and use Apply to each to traverse. 


5. Use Filter array based on user name in Excel. 



6. Use Switch and use the length function to determine how many times the user's name appears in the data source. 

7. Use get Item to get user mail, manager mail, etc. 

8. Send emails according to the number of times the user's name appears.




Best Regards,


Thank you for your response. I have figured out how to send the initial email, however, I may have misstated the escalation part of my issue. The names will not appear multiple times in one report. The report gets deleted at the end of that day, then another is put into sharepoint the next week and repeat, the report rotates out. So, if the report was pulled today, an email reminder would successfully send to the user and the report would be deleted at the end of day. But next week when the report is pulled, if the user's name is still on it, I need the notification to send to the user and be escalated to their manager and so on and so forth, being escalated as necessary each new report that is generated, but it is a new report, not the same one each week, the names only populate once on the report.

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