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No Unlocked Active Session For Attended

I got this error running recorded UI flow
  "error": {
    "code": "NoUnlockedActiveSessionForAttended",
    "message": "No unlocked user sessions found on the target machine. Cannot execute attended UI Flow."
Kindly help with this
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Any help with this Issue above 


Hi there, thanks for raising this.  Can you go into Remote Desktop settings and take a look to see who has permissions to remotely access your PC to see if "NT SERVICE\UIFlowService" is added?  You should be able to see this by going to Start Menu > Settings, search for "Remote desktop settings", and then click on "Select users that can remotely access this PC".  If it's not added (it may have been removed somehow), then you will get this problem.  Adding this should resolve the problem at least temporarily--let me know if that's not possible. You are not the only person who has run into this, so we are working on a possible better solution here going forward.



Hi @john-dund ,


Thanks for your response,


I checked my Remote Desktop setting and I found out that "NT SERVICE\UIFlowService" is added to the Remote Desktop User, then I have this "Setup.Microsoft.PowerAutomate.UIFlow.exe" installed on my PC.


Still, the Error persists.

Remote Desktop User
Remote Desktop UserRemote Desktop User


UI Flow Error 

InkedUI Flow ErrorAgain_LI.jpg 


Hope to hear from you,



Thanks for the information.  We will follow up with you offline (private message) to try to help diagnose the problem, and try to post the result when finished.

Hi there @john-dund ,


Was there any solution discovered? I'm receiving the same issue. I also checked the setting on my VM and the "NT SERVICE\UIFlowService" is in the list.




Hi Aaron,


If that user is in the group, then there shouln't have been an issue with setup or with the way UI flows is working on your machine. You can get this error when the Windows user you're currently logged in with on the target machine doesn't match the user you entered in your connection. This has to be a username and password, and cannot be a pin for example. Can you double check that the account that you're logged in with in Windows is the same as the account in your connection? 





i notice my PC has two options to sign in, One was PASSWORD and the other was PIN.


i can sign in with PIN but i can not sign in with PASSWORD as i can't remember the PASSWORD,  @guco help investigate the issue with me, he gave me a script to ran, i notice i can not sign in using the script command with my sign in details as i was using a PIN to sign in, so he told me I can not use a PIN but PASSWORD.


So i reset my PC Password and create a New Password, with that, i was also able to successfully run the UI flow.


i now use a PASSWORD instead of using a PIN 

@aaronsaunders, if you have verified that everything is in order with the accounts and are still unable to execute an attended run, let me know and we can look further.

Hi @john-dund -

I was able to get the flow working but only by using the unattended run option.

I still get the same error when trying to do it on an attended run.


I'm replying to conclude on this thread so that others can also gain from the latest info.  There was an issue with the desktop package which on some computer configurations may have caused users to get the NoUnlockedActiveSessionForAttended error on all attended runs if they had the build 1.0.317.20090 (or earlier) installed.  To resolve the problem, ensure that you have build 1.0.500.20113 or greater installed (I'd recommend using the very latest).  If you are still getting this error with build 1.0.500.20113 or later installed, please ensure that your username and password you entered in the connection exactly match the active session on your machine which you are targeting for the attended run. If you are still getting this error despite having a later build and ensuring that your credentials match, I'd be happy to assist further!




I have setup everything but still none of mode is working for me. For attended one I am getting same error which is mentioned in this thread, but for unattended one I am getting ..An action failed none of the dependencies ran. 


I have checked username and password and gateway account I changed it to same as login one and it is admin account.

Hi there,

For the unattended error, the error "An action failed. No dependent actions succeded" actually just means the UI flow failed.  To understand which step didn't run, you need to go to the UI flow itself and look at its run history.  You can either expand the UI flow card and click on the “See run details” link which should take you to the UI flow run that failed.  Or if you don’t see that button or want to get there manually, go to the run that failed by going to “My flows”, you then click on “UI flows” tab, and then find the UI flow that ran and open it up. Once you click on it, you will see the run history chart – then you click on the failure, and you will see the specific failure that the UI flow encountered there.


For the attended error about the no active unlocked session, can you confirm that when you're logged out of the machine, and you login to the machine with the exact same credentials as specified in your connection that you defined in Power Automate, that you still get the error? (connections are listed in Data > Connections; you can confirm which connection is used by going to the flow and editing it, clicking the "..." on the UI flow, and verifying the you have the right connection checked).  These credentials are not necessarily the same as the ones you login to the gateway with or login to Power Automate with -- they just have to match the one you're logged into the machine with.




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I want to make sure one thing, you just reset your PC password to run the flow without issue ?

because I am too facing the same issue while running the flow in attended mode (No unlocked user sessions found on the target machine. Cannot execute attended UI Flow.)


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My UI Flow is still failing with this same error. I have checked the Remote Users and that NT Flow User is listed. I have checked the Domain/ Password plenty of times and is the exact same credentials I use to remote onto the PC. It's set to not switch off at all and I close the Remote session with the cross, not signing out. When I log into flow on the Remote PC, it runs fine but when I run it from my laptop, it fails with No unlocked user sessions found on the target machine. Cannot execute attended UI Flow. I can't try the unattended as I don't have the license for it. Any help would be appriciated.


Edit: I believe the issue lies within when exiting a RDP session and the User Account is essentially stuck in limbo from the remote session. I have created a batch file that essentially restores console session to the "local" user rather than the same user with RDP (hope that makes sense haha!). Once using that batch file to log out the machine, running the flow works successfully. 

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I have the same issue here, I tried all above, but none of them solved the issue, any advise?

Hello John,


I have the same issues and everything looks okay like you said but as soon as I disconnect from my virtual machine and I start a desktop flow it gives me always this message "No unlocked user sessions found on the target machine. Cannot execute attended desktop flow."


Could you help me out?







I am a novice when it comes to flows but I had the same error and I resolved by downloading the newest version of the Gateway Connector. I also noticed it was not running nor was I signed in. I have now added the Gateway Connector to my startup folder so I wont forget to start it up when I reboot.


Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem. The error message "No unlocked user sessions found on the target machine. Cannot execute attended desktop flow." displays when Power Automate calls Power Automate Desktop with Attended mode. The issue started when I imported a flow and solution from development environment to production environment. With the development environment, everything works fine, but with production environment (Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop are both in production environment), this error message shows. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Duke-san,


I assume you have double-checked that the machine you're intending to connect to has an active open session that corresponds to the username/password in your production environment connection? If so, usually these sorts of errors have to do with inadvertently targeting the wrong machine. Are you using the On-Premises Gateway or are you using "Directly to machine" as the "Connect" type in the connector?  If you're using the gateway, you can do a test by creating a file system connector to the machine and ensuring that a unique file to that machine appears where it's supposed to, or looking at the gateway logs to see if a request is coming through when you try to execute your run. If you're connecting directly to the machine, you can 1) ensure the name in the machine settings in Power Automate Desktop matches the name in the connection, and if it does 2) try changing the name of the machine in the machine settings (this is only metadata so you can always change it back) and see that it also changes the name in the connection in the web portal.



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