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Odata Filter Null

Does anyone know how to use an odata filter on a SharePoint Get Items action to filter out items with a null value in a text/string column?


I have tried: text_x0020_field ne ''


But that does not seem to work - what is the correct approach?

Super User
Super User

Hi all,

This seems to consistently work if I include multiple variations of null as the filter query.
All not null.png



Also if this doesn't work and you don't care about the flow taking an extra 10-60 seconds, then you can try using the Filter array action after the Get items, put the "value" dynamic content from Get items into the *From field and put the following into the advanced mode formula field:

To get items that are not null…

@not(or(or(equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], ''), equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], 'null')), equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], null)))


To get items that are null…

@(or(equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], ''), equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], 'null')), equals(item()?['Insert Column Here'], null))


New Member

What is working for me is:


not equal '' seems to work, meanwhile, eq null or ne null is not working

Tried all the variations too..


Helper I
Helper I

do not use expression null  just type word null  like  following line 

(NewKYPTALLog eq null) 

New Member

FYI -  A space in your column name will cause an issue.  

I can confirm, had the same thing, it's crazy 🙂

Advocate I
Advocate I

Working on a sharepoint list (or sharepoint library aswell i suppose), the error can emerge when applying Odata filter string = null on a list exceeding the 'large list' limit or what do they call it. More than 5000 items in sharepoint online.

Odata filter can still work (use string ne null or string eq null), but only if you apply an index to the column in the list or library settings. You can still do that after it got above 5000 items, but a list has a limit of 20 indexes max (and i guess each index makes the list significantly slower).

Found out working with 2 almost identical lists, 1 has a few dozen items and 1 has over 6500. Almost identical flows, worked fine on the small list, gave 0 records on the large list.

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