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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Once flow triggered on email, delay flow an hour, during hour delay check for emails that might change the outcome of the flow

I'm still brainstorming this, but I figured I'd ask here since someone may already have this figured out.


The easy part: An email arrives that contains the string DOWN, an item on a SharePoint list gets updated in response to reflect the DOWN string. The same thing happens when an email arrives with an UP string.


The brainstorming part: The ask though is to not set the SharePoint item right away to DOWN, but to leave things in flux for an hour doing periodic checks for an UP email during this 1 hour of flux time. If an UP string is detected during this hour doing something with the UP email detected, and archive away the DOWN email that started the flow.


Its basically an alerting system with very limited alerting criteria in the software so we are trying to build in some controls in flow. For example, something goes down, we get the email, instead of processing it right away give some cushion time since the alerting system is a bit overzealous.


Thanks for the help in advance

Here is what my ad-hoc item looks like


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @dlprentice 


Your flow looks fine for what you are trying to do.


The only thing is maybe look at using a subject filter in your trigger rather than a condition.  This will save unnecessary triggers of your flow.


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