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Helper II
Helper II

Outlook email attachment (from emails in multiple subfolders) to Dropbox/SharePoint (to multiple subfolder with the same name as in Outlook)

Hello guys!

I am quite new to the PowerAutomate, have been using it since 2 months. I am trying to build a flow, but as I am not experienced enough and I have not found anything similar on the forum - I am asking you here.


So, I am trying to build ONE flow for the following task: my colleagues are recieving lots and lots of purchase orders (PO) into their mailbox and want to save attachments. Their requirement is to save the attachments into theit Dropbox folders. As it lots of POs a day, they would like to automate the process.


They have a folder in outlook called, let's say, "POs" and subfolders "A", "B" and "C" - same for Dropbox: "POs" and subfolders "A", "B" and "C". The goal of the flow i am trying to build is to trigger when the email arrives, somehow find out what subfolder is the email saved to, take the attachment and save the attachment to the right subfolder in Dropbox. I do not know how ho use dynamic content in the way that trigger (or some following step) would know the path to the folder in Outlook and then another to the folder in Dropbox.


Thank you in advance!

Super User
Super User

Hello @Rejdy 

From my point of view, the most important thing is knowing which is the criteria to move the PO files to one of the folders. On what it depends? Unfortunately we can't trigger a flow when an email is moved from the inbox to another folder. Any idea you can suggest?


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Proud to be a Flownaut!

Hello @fchopo ,

well, let's say i will create rules in Outlook where i divide companies who place orders in these 3 folders (A,B,C). Now i just need, email attachments from these emails placed to the subfolders (A,B,C) in outlook just to save in the subfolders with the same name in Dropbox. The only criteria is the name of subfolders Outlook-Dropbox.



Hello @Rejdy 

There is a sample in the gallery that is very useful:


In the following example, I show a flow that is triggered when an email is received, and then:

1) Depending on the author (,, it is moved to one folder (Archive) or another (Junk Email), for example.

2) Get the attachments of the email.

3) For each attachment, create a new File in Dropbox (sorry, I don't have an account in Dropbox).



Hope it helps!


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Thank you @fchopo for this, it will be useful for sure.


To continue with my problem: i have folder in Outlook PO -> subfolders A,B,C


When i would recieve for example an email from in the Outlook (my rule will move it to PO -> subfolder B),

i want my flow to recognize at the begining that it was recieved in PO -> subfolder B and then i want my flow to take the attachment from the email and save it in Dropbox/Sharepoint to the folder with the same name PO -> subfolder B. I need the flow to read the path in outlook "PO/subfolderB" and implement it later in dropbox when creating the file - with dynamic content or expression but i am not skilled enough yet to do it 😞 ... same for other subfolders - i would like to have one flow, not three.



Hello @Rejdy 

You are mixing some concepts:

1) Outlook rules only work in Outlook desktop app, so they can't be applied in Outlook web App, for example.

2) Therefore, the flow will be triggered before moving the email to the PO folder (it will only be moved if Outlook desktop app is working at that moment in any computer).

3) You can't trigger a Flow when an email is moved from one folder to another.


So, it's not possible to do what you want in this way.

Hope it helps!


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I will try to make it clear.


My idea was:

1. to divide all the cutomers placing POs in the Outlook desktop app with rules according to the subfolders A,B,C in Outlook,

2. when the email arrives to the subfolder, it would trigger the flow

3. flow takes the attachment and saves it on Dropbox to the subfolder with the same name A,B,C 

- the only step i do not know how to set up is to make the flow the way it would take the path at least "/PO/SubfolderB" and according to this it would place the file into the specific folder in Dropbox 🙂


And fyi, to your point 3 - i sent an email to my Inbox from different account, then "drag and dropped" it to the PO folder and it triggered my test flow

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