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Parsing JSON from CSV file into Word template using quick parts



I am having trouble with my workflow where I am essentially uploading a CSV file from PowerApps - my workflow grabs the content of the CSV file and parses JSON from column data in the csv file and creates a word document in SharePoint, then fills it out using SharePoint Quick Parts.


Most of my templates are working correctly however there are a few which are not populating particular bits of data into the documents.


One of the column names is named "Key Type, Make and Serial Number" - I have put this in quotes in the CSV file as I believed that it would not process correctly because there is a "," in there. I re-tested and came across the same issue, still not populating.

Is it possible that it just doesn't like a "," in the column header regardless or not whether it has quotes around it?



Community Champion
Community Champion


You can try using this template to parse any CSVs with in-data commas.

It should work as long as there are quotes around any items with in-data commas.

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