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Pass info back to BPF from flow step

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put me out of my misery.  I am ashamed at how many hours I have devoted to trying to figure this one out.


I have a BPF on my Phone Call activity table.  The first stage requires three inputs that are part of the default phone call activity column set:


  1. Call From 
  2. Regarding (the BPF requires this to be populated with a record from a custom table called "Units"
  3. Call a cloud flow.

My cloud flow goes away and does a series of lookups and checks of multiple custom tables against the above two inputs and concludes one of three result variables:

  1. Verified Resident
  2. Verified Owner (Non Resident)

The next stage is for a different table/entity for which the record now needs to be created.  After my cloud flow runs and updates the Process Log Status is where I get stuck.


If I use the cloud flow to create the record for the entity/table required in the next stage of my BPF, how can I pass the record ID back to the BPF and into the next stage?


I figured that I would simply use a classic workflow triggered by stage exit or an action step to achieve this, but then how can I pass the variable result from my cloud flow back to that classic workflow?


Is it possible to achieve the result using either of the above methods?


The only way that I can see this working is if I create a custom column/field on my phone call entity/table that I my cloud flow will update with the variable verification status result and then use the classic workflow to create the new record for the next stage and pass that variable status through like that.  Clearly it's not best practice to create a custom field on my phone call activity that solely exists for the purpose of this one little BPF?


Surely I am missing something?  I wasn't going to include any screenshots/diagrams because I feel that they're probably a bit too big and convoluted and might just confuse this more.  But if any of you very kind people are intrigued and would be so generous as to offer me come compute time time in your skull, just let me know and I will gladly send some more detailed screeshots and/or a video and or some exports of my flows.










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