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Password protecting Documents in Sharepoint

Hi All,


Apologies for the silly question.. I am just starting to look into power automate and would love to use it to automate many tasks in our office-based business (~10 staff). It feels to hard to start and know how much can really be automated though..


To start with, we have just started password protecting documents being sent via email that contain personal identifying information.

This is extremely time consuming... Is there a way to automate this, given we can't share the password in the email and I'd like to ideally avoid having a 2nd email sent afterwords with the passwrod? My thinking at the moment is:

1. When creating a sub-directory folder in sharepoint for a client, then within it have 2 folders, 1 unprotected and 1 protected. (Automate creation of both sub-directories)

2. When documents are saved in the unprotected sub-directories then it auto creates a 2nd copy of the document with password protection that is specific to the client. e.g. First Initial First Name, First Initial Surname, Symbol, DOB. E.g. Albert Smith Born 19/01/1990 password would be AS@1901990. Password may have to be pulled from somewhere in order to customise it like this.. Unsure where..

3. Then when sharing documents, we can just use documents from the protected directory. When viewing internally, we can skip it and just use the normal one.



Surely there is an incredibly simpler way.. Especially with so many organisations doing this currently? Microsoft Exchange / Outlook client doesn't seem to have a simple button to password protect attachments.




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