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Path based on Range of numbers

Hey Everyone, 


I am just starting to dig into this power automate & am having trouble figuring out how to build this one specifically. 


I am connecting a form to an excel sheet which I have done before. The issue is I want the flow to edit different tables based on specific number ranges from the sheet. I tried to use the switch function but that looks for a specific value. 


For exampl

If 1-10 is selected it would go down one path

if 11-20 is selected it would go down a different path. 



I am having difficulty figuring this out. Does anyone have any tips?

Super User
Super User

Hi @Kaladin23 


Here is one method using a filter.  I have included a lower/higher value but you could just use an upper value, 10,20,30,40 etc as I am using first to retrieve the first object from a filter.  


I have a number 16 to route.

And an array of lower/higher values and a table or path.


Using a filter we can return the object where 16 is greater than or equal to lower and less that or equal to upper.  You will need to edit in advanced mode:

@AND(greaterOrEquals(outputs('Number'), item()?['Lower']),LessOrEquals(outputs('Number'), item()?['Higher']))


Finally retrieve the table name using first() to get the first and only table value.




Please consider accepting my answer as a solution if it helps to solve your problem.


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