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Planner Task created by values

Hi everyone,


I do apologize if this has been asked before and I'm simply not using the correct wording/terms to get it done.


I have the following flow setup to create a help desk scenario:


(SharePoint) When a new item is created

(Planner) Create a task


(Planner) Update task details

(Users) Get user profile

(Outlook) Send an email


The issue I am facing is at the (Planner) Creat a task phase. Instead of setting the created by ID of the task as the person who submitted the ticket, it is instead setting it as my own. I verified this when I had someone else create a ticket and noticed instead of their information being added as the task creator it took my information as the task creator.


Any help/advice/direction is greatly appreciated.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ PMatwyuk,


Do you want to customize the task‘s creator as the person who created the new item in your flow?

Have you share you flow with others in your organization?


If you have not share your flow with others, the task‘s creator would always be you.


I have made a test on my side. As my screenshots below, if I make a connection to, the task’s creator would be Test4, and if I make a connection to .the task’s creator would be Test2. The “Create a task” action would use the connections account as task’s creator automatically.


Alice Zhang

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Good morning @v-yuazh-msft, and thanks for the reply!

A) Yes I want the tasks creator to be the person who created the new item.

B) Yes I have shared my flow with those on my team, but not the entire organization.


Did you add your team as "Run-Only Users"? 


If so, make sure you check the flow settings under "Connections Used" and select "Provided by run-only user" in the dropdown. Let me know if this helps!


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.01.12 PM.png

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Hey @kelliprieto!


Thanks for the response. I apologize for the noob question but how do I add the entire organization to be able to use it the flow?

I can add individual owners but that appears to be all. There is also embeded connections, but they like owners, have no drop down selection to make "Run-Only"


Any thoughts/advice/direction is greatly appreciated.



When you are viewing the flow settings (the view where you see "run history" and the list of owners), do you see a "Run Only Owners" list? It should be in the lower right hand corner. 


Re: adding everyone in the organization - I think the only way to do that is by adding everyone individually. 

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I see an owners list but not a run only owners list.

Hmm, maybe this is because you do not have flow steps that reference Office 365 user information? 


Do you have any flow steps like "get my profile"?


If not, add that step to get a user's information and reference their info as dynamic content in the Planner task creation step. You should be able to reference their e-mail as the task creator. 

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@kelliprieto there is no place in the create task step to add a task creator.


That's right. My apologies - I was thinking you want to assign the task using the e-mail/ID, but I realize you want the person to be the task creator. 


Here's other a couple other things you can try:


Test 1: Have you tried moving the "get user profile" step to happen after the trigger? If not, I recommend running that test to see if this changes the Planner task creator. 


Test 2: I also recommend having someone else on your team save a copy of the flow and run the process to see if the task creator appears correctly. I am 99.99% sure it will, since the flow connections will be based on their Office 365 profile and not yours. 


Let me know if either of these work!

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Hey @kelliprieto,


There is no change on the Create Task.



I'm not sure I would change the default value in the "Get user profile" step.  I use this step in multiple flows with "me" as the default value and it seems to adjust accordingly per the users who have access to the flow. 

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Still nothing, I'm curious though; how do I share the flow so the entire organization uses it?


Essentially it was decided that Planner should be used to manage tickets, but Share Point would be the entry point for the ticket because everyone is used to a nice web interface. 



Unfortunately, you have to add everyone individually to the "Owners" list.


If a "creator" field was available for the "Create a task" step, then we could get this working for you and you would not have to share the flow with everyone! I'll keep trying to think of some ideas. 

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Thank's @kelliprieto,

I'm starting to wonder if I should even be using Planner for this and do everything through SharePoint instead.

Well, my question is why is the task creator so important? The creator doesn't appear in Planner  - does it? When I view Planner task, I only see the assignee. 


Also, if your team likes Planner's interface then why put the infomation into SharePoint at all?

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Planner is what was decided to be used to manage help desk tickets, we need to know who the task creator is so we can correspond with them, and so they can be kept updated on its progress.  The task creator can be viewed at the bottom of task.


SharePoint was decided to be used to submit the ticket because the organization is used to a web interface to submit requests/tickets.



Now, I see the planner task creator - thank you!


It's an interesting process your organization has mapped out. I'm curious - do you intend to manually update the SharePoint item (ticket) to provide updates? 

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You're most welcome 🙂 
It took me a while to find it too.


I figured just using SharePoint would have been enough as that is what seems to be the what everyone does for a help desk type setup, but Planner was pushed. Even showing the benefit of the discussion board style of setup and how we can do much more with SharePoint and even SharePoint Tasks Planner was still the insisted method.


Re: updating SharePoint item, no. The item is only serving the purpose of a web interface for task creation in planner via flow. Once the user creates the item and it was put into planer SharePoint isn't used again. Which seems completely redundant to me.

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