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Populating a SharePoint page thumbnail image into a HTML table?

I'm currently working on a Flow which automates a news digest email from SharePoint. I'm aware that there is a news digest feature is built into SharePoint, but this unfortunately lacks customisation (branding) and automation options that we need.


I found a useful guide from user RobElliott in the following post, this details step by step how I've configured my Flow if it helps.


Here's a high level summary of how it works as a TLDR:

  1. Flow is triggered on a schedule every Friday
  2. 'Get items' action retrieves contents from 'Site Pages' library in SharePoint, where the articles are stored
  3. Initialise two variables called varName and varDescription, both empty strings
  4. Initialise a variable called varTable, an empty array
  5. In an 'apply to each' loop, varName and varDescription are populated with the 'Title' and 'Description' parameters from SharePoint, this inputs the details of the published article
  6. The contents of varName and varDescription are then populated (append to array variable) into the varTable table.
  7. A 'Create HTML table' action is used to populate a table using the contents from varTable.
  8. HTML table is composed and presented in an email action


The problem I am facing is that when I initialise the variables in step 3 as strings, this works perfectly fine for any textual content from the news article, like the title and description. However, I'd also like to retrieve the article's thumbnail image and present it in the HTML table.


I'm not sure which variable type to use for this, that's if any of them work? I've struggled to find any other posts where people have attempted a similar thing either.


Any help would be much appreciated!



Super User
Super User

It would need to be a string variable which contains a base64 representation of the image.

Thanks for the speedy response Paulie.


Is this something that's easy to achieve in Power Automate? Do you know how I'd go about retrieving the base64 representation?

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