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Post Tweet URL to Teams Conversation

Hi all,


I'm trying to post the actual tweet URL to a teams conversation using flow.  The trigger (search) part is working perfectly, however I can't seem to find the correct Twitter dynamic content options to post the actual tweet url.


I can manually post a tweet url to Teams, and teams will show the tweet picture, text etc just like a normal webpage.


However in Flow, I can only see options to post the tweet user, the tweet text, etc all as seperate items.  The simplest thing would be to just post the tweets URL.


What twitter content options should I be using to nicely post the tweet to Teams?


Any suggestions?



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Is using the Twitter Connector on the Channel not an option? 

Hmmm, yes a connector would 90% work.  However I don't want to see tweets from that user, only mentions of that account.


Would still be good to get the flow to post the url of each tweet though.  Surely that's an option Flow can access?

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So if you already have something working just can't get the URL, if you look at Dynamic content on the Teams post action, there is a little kind of vauge link for "Show More" by the search box. If you click this, there is a TweetId property. You could just build the URL using this with Text + that ID. That should get you what you need. 



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So something like [user id]/status/[tweetid] or something like that, not sure which, but the URL has the username of that tweet you could put in. 

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One last thing too to note, I just actually figured this out for some other folks tonight that if you use Flow to post a URL it won't be clickable by default. Unfortantley no preview either. I did figure out how to make a clickable URL thou, you put a <a href= tag around the URL and it will be clickable in Teams. Haven't figure out how to make it parse yet thou if it's even possible. 

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That being said thou, the connector just looks like custom HTML built from all that same data you get from the connector in Flow. The Channel post action for Teams is HTML so you can use all tagging etc. to build out the post with the users image, Post Preview URL etc. etc. from all the properties, would just need a little work to plug it all together. 


Did you find a way to get the tweet URL?

@sandeepnmenon wrote:

Did you find a way to get the tweet URL?

Hi, @sandeepnmenon ,


I realise that this may be a day (many months!) late and a dollar (fortune!) short, but I've found that this works perfectly for what you're after.



Basically, it's exactly as @Anonymous said ... except using [TweetedBy] ensures that it's by the same person that you were monitoring. So if you just use the URL, it should automatically be parsed by teams with:

<a href="[TweetedBy]/status/[TweetId]">[TweetedBy]/status/[TweetId]</a>

That produces (I added the "ALERT!!!" title in the advanced options 'Subject' field) the following in Teams:teams 2.jpg

The link works perfectly, and if you have the Twitter client installed on Windows it even opens it in that browser App.


You will have to build that HTML code for it to parse properly, unfortunately. But it's not that big a deal, just a copy/paste in the message builder.


Here's my full code (exported - so may look 'weird') and what it looks like:teams.jpg



Looks like there's an issue with @{triggerBody()?['TweetedBy']}'s brain, he's tweeting ... openly ... ... ew ...<br>
He said <a href="{triggerBody()?['TweetedBy']}/status/@{triggerBody()?['TweetId']}">this</a>:<br>
This has been stored in the list under reference:<br>

That's using the new Teams 'Post a Message v3' connector. 


Hope that this helps.


Eliot - projectfive


I think this is what we need, if someone can shed a bit more light for less technical folks.  

This is just an example and in my private channel to test first.  

  • We have a specific hashtag we want to promote to our faculty.   I have tested this with the Dynamic Content and it does work but the links dont open.  I tried following above but Im not sure what you suggest I put in the message.  


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