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Helper IV
Helper IV

Post an Adaptive Card to Teams > Update File Properties, 'id' is no longer present in the operation schema. It should be removed before the workflow is re-saved.

I've updated this question below. The issue is that adding a connector inside Adaptive Card code breaks the connection. 


I have a flow where when a file is added to a SharePoint/Teams document library, a user is notified in Teams with an Adaptive Card with fields for PO, Client, Project. These values are filled out in the Adaptive Card then submitted to update the file properties in the SharePoint library. 


This works perfectly when I first build the flow. If I attempt to edit the flow I get an error; 'po' is no longer present in the operation schema. It should be removed before the workflow is re-saved. 


The value has changed from 'po' to 'data:po' and Intellisense is no longer offering the id values from the adaptive card schema. 


Why would this work for some time then stop working? Nothing has been changed other than re-opening the flow to make an edit. 


Teams Action: Post an Adaptive Card to Teams channel and wait for a response. 

"type": "Input.Text",
"placeholder": "Purchase Order Number",
"id": "po",
"spacing": "None"


SharePoint Action: Update File Properties (from Peek Code)

"PO": "@body('Post_an_Adaptive_Card_to_a_Teams_channel_and_wait_for_a_response')?['data']?['po']",

Helper IV
Helper IV

I've figured out what's causing this to break. When I paste the code into PowerAutomate the intellisense generates the IDs I need. Once I alter that code, this breaks the connection. 


I'm using a couple connectors inside the adaptive card code. I've added connections to '@mention' a user, to add 'File Name with Extension', and 'Link to Item'. Adding any one of these breaks the connection. 


So, evidently, you can't add connectors inside the Adaptive Card code? 


How can I work around this?

Plain text is okay.Plain text is okay.Adding a connector to the schema breaks the connection.Adding a connector to the schema breaks the connection.

@anthonys123  Try switching your PA to use experimental features (under settings).  From there, refresh the page and try to recreate the message.


You should get a box that allows you to assign dynamic values a name. 


Screenshot 2020-11-25 122349.png


Once you've done that, you can edit the adaptive card to include the {$root.your_value_name} inline and it should work.


A note on @mentions...they don't work properly in Android.   They do appear properly on iOS, Desktop and Web, but when I last tested them (about 3 weeks ago), it didn't pull the user's name, rather the name of the mention.

OOOH. Experimental Features is very interesting! 

I'm manually using Get an @mention token for user. So, that should be okay, no? 

That brings me to the example of what I'm having an issue with. Do I need to somehow parse the dynamic content to json? Or, how do I otherwise place dynamic content in the AD? Or, how would I determine the value for {root:your_value_name} ?

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 1.28.45 PM.png

Frustratingly, I can't add values in these fields 

Helper IV
Helper IV

Evidently Experimental Features breaks the process entirely. When I rebuild this Flow from scratch with the most basic functions I get this error; 

OpenApiOperationParameterTypeConversionFailed. The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Update_file_properties' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: Input parameter 'id' is required to be of type 'Integer/int64'. The runtime value '"%252fShared%2bDocuments%252fWarehouse%252f2020_09_29_14_22_59.pdf"' to be converted doesn't have the expected format 'Integer/int64'.


The values for Dynamic Values no longer look like 'ID'. It comes up as 'x-ms-file-id'. 


Could someone inform me how I might get actual help with my workflows? Is there any official channel? Can I email someone at Microsoft? 

It's been over a week to get something very simple to work which should have taken less than an hour. I do not have the time for this and my manager (owner of the company) isn't happy. Every little thing I try to accomplish takes weeks and months. Why is this so difficult? Why is every little step forward always two big steps backwards? What am I missing? 

We really can't keep using Microsoft products if these small actions take months instead of minutes to implement. 

July 2021 - the same issue remains...

Frustrated as well...

Regular Visitor

I have a same problem. I am glad that there are some people who have same problem.

I hope this will be fixed


Frequent Visitor

Same problem, if I add dynamic content to the adaptive card I cant use the output variables of the card in my further flow / it breaks

Helper I
Helper I

When there is no solution provided by the Power Automate Community and you find no Microsoft article on this topic, I recommend creating a Support Request from the Power Platform Admin Center. You can document the steps of your flow and the error where it occurs. Then you can have an expert look at your specific flow.  BTW, I have the same error in a flow I am trying to create. 

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