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Post an Adaptive Card to a Teams channel and wait for a response - Update message formatting ?

Hi all - with this action in Flow , what is correct "update message" formatting? I tried to use same adaptive card as in message part, HTML, plan text with dynamic values - in all cases it just shows as oversized text block with huge image:




Ideally  I want to see exactly same card as it was before clicking Action.Submit - with some changes values in the the Update Message, is this even possible? Documentation on this part is very vague.

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Super User II

hi @vbvbvb  pleasee follow this video to see how can you do this adaptive approval cards.

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Thanks @ChristianAbata , but this video has nothing to do with my query 🙂 


I am looking to retain adaptive card layout before Action.Submit - i am not going to have forked conditions and other actions etc.

Want to have Flow bot post adaptive card with a lot of dynamic values - > press the button -> update the card , change some of the values or at least add responder value as it does now.  

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Super User II

Hello @vbvbvb 

Have a look at this post:

You could format the update message field in the "Post a message and wait for a response" Teams action.

Hope it helps


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Hi @fchopo , that's not entirely true I am afraid.  You can see that maximum you can use is some text string , exactly as the one I used in my screenshot in the post - you can use dynamic values, but have no any control over the outcome of the "update". Same article states - "body of the card will either be replaced with confirmation message or visible for other users." - that is if Yes or No selected in last field.


Additionally, it's unbelievable that "Post your own adaptive card as the Flow bot to a channel" only output is Message Id and " Post an Adaptive Card to a Teams user and wait for a response" doesn't return that anyhow - this would've been workaround to at least let it update and put responder name to the card and at least make sequential "Post a reply to a message (V2)" to at least pass down information which is getting "wiped out" from card after triggering Action.Submit.

I agree with you! Maybe we will have to wait for V2 of "Post an Adaptive Card to a Teams user and wait for a response" action.

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Proud to be a Flownaut!

I managed to think out a bit bonkers workaround to this limitation which does HTTP request to Azure AD to Graph with query to get messages from required Teams  channel using "?top=1" filter - limiting output to last posted message  and then Parse JSON to extract message ID value and pass it to "Post a reply to the message V2" to make replies to action card upon pressing Action.Submit button. But going such lengths for such simple things is totally not worth it.

If any post from the Flow Bot would just include the message ID in the body of the action as an output the rest of the Flow or other Flows could reply to that existing message --> see


This will enable more flexibility on replies.

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