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Advocate II
Advocate II

Power Automate ALM broken

REALLY sick of how fragile everything to do with PowerApps/PowerAutomate ALM is. Another example below....




Upon importing an unmanaged solution from a Dev to a new production environment, we are getting a lot of errors (basically because the whole ALM/environment variable mechanism is pathetic and fragile).


The screen shot above is one of them. Very simply, from a PowerApp, we call this flow to create a folder in a given document library. The site and library are supplied as environment variables. In the new environment, when we click test, we get the error shown. Note several things:

1) When we delete the create folder step and replace it with the most innocuous thing we could find - i.e. Initialise a Variable, so there's no SharePoint activity at all, we STILL get this error.

2) If we create a new Flow from scratch in this environment, which is IDENTICAL to this one (i.e. create a folder using the same environment variables), it works.

3) This is only one of many Flows which fail with this error. We have other flows which call SQL (nothing to do with SharePoint) which also fail. (So don't get caught up with the parameters, data types etc, manual trigger etc - they aren't the issue).

4) We can't keep creating Flows from scratch as we need to regularly update/import the PowerApp (which calls many Flows) and the import process will trash the Flows again.


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