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Power Automate Desktop to Refresh All in Excel

I realize this has been covered in a couple other posts, but I haven't seen a straight forward answer.


I have several PowerShell scripts that I am trying to convert to PAD so so they can be ran in a more simple and secure, unattended environment. A few of them contain an Excel "RefreshAll()" command. Is there a reliable way to have PAD complete this function?


Currently, I have a PAD flow and, in the middle of the flow, I am using the "Run PowerShell Script action to complete the refresh. It does the job, but for a number of reasons would prefer to get the job done through PAD. 



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Working on something similar right now (21/03). Using 2 options. 

1st - Add a macro to the excel file and use PAD to execute macro. Tidy but requires xlsm file.

2nd - use PAD option to Click on UI Elements and select "Data" Tab followed by another to select "Refresh All". This option requires some "Wait" steps before saving and closing file.

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