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Power Automate Flows - Sync two outlook calendars

Hi All,


I am aiming to sync two Microsoft Office Calendars. One calendar is for my work account, the other calendar is for a client we are currently working for. My aim is to have net availability in both calendars, but I am running into two major problems:


1. The first problem is regarding series events, if any event in the series that is not the original event is updated, then a new event is created. This creates duplicates and is a big problem as you will hardly ever be updating the original event in a series. Also, if you delete any event in the series that is not the original event nothing is actioned.


Please see below for my current flow:








The trigger is 'When an Event is added, updated or deleted (V3)'. I then set variables that are primarily used for Non Series Events.


I then set a condition that checks if the event belongs to a series or not:





There is no problem with single events so if it doesn't belong to a series the flow runs as you would expect.


If it does belong to a series this is the logic I currently have. If the 'Action Type' is 'added' we create an event:




This works as you would expect when an event is created. I add 'recurring -' to the subject line and I had the 'Series master id' to the body of the email as I aim to use this at a later stage to identify the series events.


If the flow is updated this is the current logic:





The expression used is 'first(triggerOutputs()?['body/seriesMasterId'])'


Then when that view of events runs I aim to update the events using the 'Update Event' action:








However, when a series event is updated in my source calendar the same series event is not then updated in my target calendar.


Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


2. The second problem is around creating an infinite loop. I want to have net available in my primary calendar on both accounts without creating an infinite loop. I explored the option of using sync calendars, but this is not ideal because in at least one of the primary calendars colleagues will not be able to view my net availability.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this infinite loop. I explored the option of adding a 'Trigger Condition' to the trigger settings around time elapsed since trigger updated date and previous update date, but there is no field for previous update date, so this is not possible.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix both of this issues?



New Member

I've been working on something similar and have found that a similar infinite loop is created because of the "Updated" Action which has also caused throttling. I posted this idea:  More Granular Outlook 365 Event/Meeting Triggers 

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