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Power Automate ‘get files (properties only)’ output value empty


I want to return the files within a subfolder with the ‘get files (properties only)’ action.

The Flow runs successful, but the output value returns empty in some cases. ("value":[])

The library has about 28500 files within 15 folder. In each folder there is at least one file

  • About 9 return a result
  • About 6 show empty

I’m starting the Flow manually and only use that one action. The library and the restriction for the folders were done manually with the action UI.

When using the action ‘list folders’ all folders appear.


Screenshot 2021-01-12 123635.pngScreenshot 2021-01-12 123642.png


Hope someone has some knowlegde 🙂

New Member

In Addition

Using the Graph API i can't finde the items.

I used this to get the drive-id

GET /sites/{site}:/drives  (/sites/

and than with the dirve-id from the pevious step i wannted to get the items

GET /drives/{drive-id}/root:/{item-path}  (/drives/{drive-id}/root:/foldername


As a reosuld I only get 

"code": "itemNotFound",
"message": "The resource could not be found."

 In another tennant it worked, using the same commands.

New Member

Hello, I'm having the same issue, did you resolve it? 

New Member

Hi guys,

I have the same issue since last year. My MS ticket is open since January.
Also have two other tenants were it works well.

Could it also be a translation, etc problem? My root folder is also called "Freigebene Dokumente". @Valerio_IT Also in german?


Maybe you want to add yourself to my ticket: and subject TrackingID#2101250010000425

Hope it will solved some-when.


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