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Power BI Analyst trying to use Power Automate to update Sharepoint, Excel, or Google Docs

Hi all, 

I'm very new to Power Automate but typically uses Power BI and I have a couple of questions. I've been trying to save the solution to a DAX expression in power bi as that solution changes everytime the dataflow is updated but I found that might be impossible to do. I stumbled on the idea of using Power Automate to store the solution in an excel workbook, google sheets, or a sharepoint list. 


Would it be possible to use Flow to automatically update the work book with new solutions daily or even weekly while also keeping the previous solutions in that workbook? If so, how would that be done? 


If my question isn't clear, lets think about it this way; imagine in an office of about 500 people, various people open tickets for the IT department to solve issues. The data of the status of each request is recorded and now in Power BI we try to visualize this data and end up writing a dax to count the number of requests that are still open. But this number is subject to change everyday as the IT departments either closes a couple in one day or receive more another day. 

So would there be a way to store that number from the previous day so we can track the change in number of open cases? CanI use power automate for this? If so, how?


Thanks y'all! 

Power Participant
Power Participant

yes, you can run DAX queries in Power Automate and then store the result as needed. What have you tried and where are you stuck?  

Thanks @lbendlin. The dax query is written in Power BI and I'm attempting to use the power automate visual to store the dax results. So far I've tried to create flows to google sheets but it keeps failing. Tried sharepoint and excel too but I can't find the sites and folders to complete the flow so google shhets was the only one I could use to finish creating the flow.


Note that you don't have to use Power BI for this. You can run DAX queries against datasets directly in your Power Automate flow 

I figured but I need to use power bi for building the report just need power automate to save the queries as time passes

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