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Power BI table data export in csv to email using Microsoft Flow

Hello Expert,

How Power BI table data export in csv to email using Microsoft Flow as we know it can refersh data sets but how about tables export as email attachment




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Hi @mwegener 


Here is screenshot


2nd stage.png


Hi @Giant ,


please check which Output you use.




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@mwegener  @Giant 


Any tips on configuring to ensure the flow is triggered everytime the dataset is refreshed? 

I've also set up a scheduled refresh (multiple times daily) on the dataset via the Power BI service but its not triggering the flow unless I test it. 🤔

@mwest Wouldnt a data alert trigger a separate flow to the original web service conifgured?

Hi @jasontran ,


can you give an overview of your entire concept / process?


@mwegener  concept is to automate csv data exports to a dedicated sharepoint folder everytime the dataset is refreshed in power bi service.  

an addition ive made is build in a datetime stamp against the filename so each refresh will generate a new file but the problem im encountering is a new file isnt being generated even though the underlying dataset is triggered to refresh 3 times/day.

it only appears to work when i test the flow and manually refresh in power bi desktop 



Hi @jasontran ,


is the service refresh executed without errors?


@mwegener No errors

@mwegener  is there any other way to do this ..i have corporate restriction to use the http and here is the error



Hi @DeepakSavanur , what kind of scenario are you trying to achieve?

I have two excel which will be automatically changed everyday with same columns. I am comparing these two excels and create these logs appended onto a table on power bi.. I was able to compare and create the log but unable to append the everyday logs to a single table. but everytime it refreshes its deleting the old file. i want to check if there is a way using flow or DAX to append the logs 


Hi @DeepakSavanur ,

this topic is not easy, because Power BI usually does a full refresh.
Imke Feldmann has made two blog posts on this topic as well. Do you know these blog posts?


How to create a Load History or Load Log in Power Query or Power BI


Create a load history or stage in CDS instead of incremental load in Power BI



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