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Previous file modify date/time

Hello, I'm a complete beginner to MS flows and I'm trying to build a Flow that posts a message in a Yammer group when a sharepoint library file is created or modified. However it generates loads of posts because of the AutoSave function being turned on when editing files. Do we have access to the previous modified date/time of the file to check how close it is to the current trigger ? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Previous file modify date/time

Flow will not natively allow you to access prior versions of a document (it takes an API call...).


As an alternative, you might consider running a Flow on a schedule (once a day? twice a day?) that loops through your library looking for docuemnts which have been updated within the last X number of hours.  When you find one, post a Yammer message.  When you retrieve the file properties, you'll want to use the Filer Query option to limit what you get back to just those files that meet your criteria.


Please post here of you need an example




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Re: Previous file modify date/time

Thanks Scott. An example would help, yes please. I tried a schedule of 5 minutes recurrence (for testing), chose the action Get files (properties only) with the filter query LastModified gt addMinutes(utcNow('yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ'),-5).

I don't get any dynamic content for 'Filter Query' nor for 'Limit Columns by view' by the way. As an outcome to that I added an Apply to each loop with an email notification.

However I get the following failure 😞

ActionConditionFailed. The execution of template action 'Apply_to_each' is skipped: the 'runAfter' condition for action 'Get_files_(properties_only)' is not satisfied. Expected status values 'Succeeded' and actual value 'Failed'.


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Re: Previous file modify date/time

Hi Scott, would you mind give me an example ? thanks

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Re: Previous file modify date/time

Hi @Emma2,


Something like this might get you started. Your trigger would be Recurrence. Set the recurrence for the same duration as you set the timestamp (so in my example, timestamp is from an hour ago so you'd run the flow every hour). You'd get all the items from the Library, and then do an Apply to each. Inside the apply to each you'd post in Yammer.




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