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Problem with Compose Inputs/Outputs of Flow

I'm dragging the over from Power Apps community; I hope it doesn't violate some double post rule.


I am trying to follow instructions from a site referenced to me about how to upload documents to an SP document library. I have tried eight times to get it to work, without success.


The issue is my inability to get passed the 'Compose' component of the flow creation.

This first image is my flow 'Compose', created EXACTLY as the instruction states. I am unable to see the inputs and outputs as displayed on the instruction 'Compose'. If I click on the download I get the entire file (blob, is it?) contents rather than the four lines shown in the instruction 'Compose'.



This is the 'Compose' from the instructions; where you can clearly see the inputs and outputs language that should appear. I have created the Collection per the instructions, and they have the required and appropriately named fields. Why am I not getting the same inputs and outputs as the example?



I've got the following in the Power Apps button:




Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Can you show a screenshot of the definition of your compose?  Its not surprising that it must be downloaded to be viewed.  That's determined by the size.  I suspect in the article they used a very small image so it would show in the run.  If you download the output in a browser you should see the same structure.  There are extensions you can add to your browser that will format the JSON when its downloaded.

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The flow after run.



Here is a piece of the inputs/outputs I get:



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Super User

@Anonymous I do not understand what the problem is here, it seems to be working. You are uploading from PowerApps an image, and your compose is showing that coming through fine. It is being represented as base64, which is exactly what you would expect. If you wrote this data out to a file you should find that it is readable (you might have to convert it back to binary depending on what you action are doing).

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