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Problems with Event End-Date time



I have an extremely annoying problem.
I have created a vacation flow, which after the request and approval is added to the shared calendar.


Request menu in Sharepoint list:


Data rozpoczęcia and Data zakończenia are the start and end dates of the added event.


Everything worked fine until one employee added a SINGLE DAY OFF - there was an error "the event must be at least 24 hours".


What should i do to reach those 24 hours of event date created in Sharepoint?

As I understand - one day event takes 23h 59mins 59secs. How can i possibly make it 24 hours with still having it on ONE SAME DAY?



I converted the date (because Sharepoint brakes the time and date horribly) and i didn't need the hh:mm:ss there at all, because in the end it needs to be a full day event anyways.


By the default it makes the time like that (for example):

From (Data rozpoczęcia/Konwersja1): 02.06.2020 (2020-06-02T00:00:00Z)
Until (Data zakończenia/Konwersja2): 02.06.2020 (2020-06-02T00:00:00Z)


But i really need it to be a full day event. I've been looking for the solution for 3 hours and still can't manage to fix it.


As you can see: There is a converted date and "Zdarzenie całodniowe" which is whole day event is ticked to YES.

But there is no possiblity to add a one day event. What should I do now? Please - if you can help me, just tell me step by step what could I do, I am not an expert 🙂


Thank you

Super User III
Super User III


It sounds as though what you really want to do is to create an all day event on the SharePoint calendar.  Unfortunately, this is noit possible using "out if the box" functionality but can be accomplished using a SharePoint web service call (no premium license required).

Please see this link.



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Not in Sharepoint calendar, but in Outlook Calendar. Maybe I did not point that out.


It works well with more than 1 day vacation requests.

Just like that:

As you can see - my collague added a vacation request from 8th of June to 19th of June. And after the Manager approval it came to the 'Vacations Outlook calendar' as i all-days event from 8th to 19th of June.



The all-day event is marked automatically


All events like this one in calendar were automatically turned as a all-day event. And it worked for all the requests that include for example: whole week vacations.

But it doesn't want to work on 1 day only events because it's 'Less than 24 hours'.

Flow returns with that error:



How can i fix this stupid error? Is there any possiblity to fill or trick it to be a 24 hours?

Thank you

Community Support
Community Support


Hi @bireta ,


If the event is an all day event, then From and Until should be 2020-06-02T00:00:00Z --- 2020-06-03T00:00:00Z.


It should be from 0:00 on the day of the event starts to 0:00 on the next day.


Here is my test:



Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Hi @v-bacao-msft 


Thank you for the response. But take a look. Here on the right side they have to choose when the event starts and ends:


Here is the conversion from the chosen by the user date to the date that Outlook Calendar understands:


And in the end it goes all the way down until the request is Approved and the Vacation event is beeing added to the calendar:


All day event is needed so it shows up correctly inside the calendar.


Now - how can i force this flow to work?

If user chooses from 03.06.2020 to 04.06.2020 - its not a 1 day vacation, but 2 days. I want it to be simple: 'Hey, I am off on friday.' So they open new request and choose from 05.06.2020 to 05.06.2020 as a 1 day off and then it's going to show up on the calendar as a absence just on friday.


If you want to understand my problem: Do it with one day. Just 1, dont add 2 days to the Convert Time Zone 2.

Then if you choose 'is all day event YES' you will have the error saying it's not 24 hours (because it's not, its 23:59).



If your tip is right and that addDays(utcNow(),1) addDays(utcNow(),2) is correct - I don't know how to use it.

Should i change my 'Data rozpoczęcia' and 'Data zakończenia' and make it as a expression?


Is this correct?
addDays(utcNow('Data rozpoczęcia'),1)

addDays(utcNow('Data zakończenia'),2)


What if our timezone in Poland is (UTC+01:00) Sarajewo, Skopie, Warszawa, Zagrzeb?


Thank you for your help!

@v-bacao-msft @ScottShearer 


Hello guys,


Did you find a moment to analyze my problem?

Do you have any idea how to solve it?


Now i had to turn off 'is all-day event?' and when someone adds new vacation request and it comes to the calendar - I have to manually double-click it and tick the 'all-day event' section 😞




Hi @bireta ,


Sorry for my late reply! If you want to refer to the method I used, you need to format the time into the expected format according to the method I provided, which are the 00:00 of the day the event starts and the 00:00 of the day after the event ends, so that all day events can be created.


If the format of the date included in the item is "yyyy-MM-dd", you can directly configure it in the Base time field.


The first Convert time zone action is used to obtain the start time.


The second Convert time zone action is used to get the end time.


Add an Add to time action in the middle to get the date of the next day.



Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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