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Problems with a get row by id using dataverse


I am currently building a flow using dataverse as my data source. 

I am using three tables:

1: Leave request 

2: Workers

3: Leave request details 


Relationships for each table are below:



The automation is triggered by the leave request table, I then use a get row by id and using the 'workerid' to pull information from the worker table (this works), I have then added another get row by Id because I also want to pull information form the leave request details table - I place 'cdm_leaverequestid' as the relationship but for some reason this doesnt work? 


I get an error saying that: "cdm_leaverequestdetail With Id = cc84ee41-df28-ed11-9db1-00224818afed Does Not Exist"


There is defiantly a relationship in dataverse for leave request and leave request details.... is there any reason why this would be occurring?  Has anyone else come across this problem before?


Thank you,





Dual Super User
Dual Super User


You will need to use List Rows to get the leave request details and use odata filter like

_cdm_leaverequestid_value eq 'Leave Request ID from the Trigger'


Get Row by Id needs the ID of the Leave Request Details which you do not have , hope this makes sense to you!


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Hi @Mira_Ghaly , 


Thank you. I'll give it a go. 



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