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Prompt for metadata on document create

Periodically, I want to copy files from OneDrive to a SharePoint Online library, or from somewhere other than OneDrive such as Outlook.


What I want is a dialog prompt to input the file metadata for that libray. I've searched and found something from 2017. I also see plenty of things to send an email (that seems that's all Flow does is send out emails. wow).


Bottom line: copy a file into the library, give me a dialog box to input the metadata.


Given SharePoint is a collaborative tool and framework, it stands to reason, to me, that that would include the full capability of intuitively profiling documents in the fashion discussed in my requirements. I won't say too much here, but given my experience with this tool so far, I'm willing to bet it can get and transfer the metadata, even send out nice emails but prompting users to input the metadata will be something to add to the users requests area like everything else one would think is intuitive. If it does provide that capability , NOW, I will be pleasantly surprised but my searches didn't make me feel overly optimistic.


Yet another afternoon wasted trying to do research on a Microsoft product on something one would think would be standard for such tool.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @CW,


Could you share more details on your scenario?

Are you trying to copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint library periodically?

I assume that the following flow could be your reference.

Add the trigger Recurrence so that it could run daily.

List files in folder. Specify the folder from which you want to the copy the files.

Get file metadata, select dynamic content Id from the previous action.

Get file content, select dynamic content Id from action Get file metadata.

Add the SharePoint action Copy file, select File name and File content for each field.

All the files could be copied from OneDrive to SharePoint without issues.



Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Thanks Mabel. There's not much else to add. Copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint and prompt me to input the metadata for the the particular library. Period! It's a manual thing and would only be done every now and then but I dont want to have to do things the 1980's way of performing one task of copying a file to SharePoint, then leaving that location, go to SharePoint, locate the library, locate the file(s) copied, go into edit properties and add metadata. Really? That's what Microsoft offers in 2019? 


To me, my request seems like just a typical, standard, everyday run of the mill requirement ANYONE would need in such a situation where metadata and document storage is concerned. There's a myriad of third party tools that heve been doing this for some time (>10 years) like Macromedia.


It completely baffles me that Microsoft doesnt aslready have that capability hardwired/integrated into both systems. Afterall, it's 2019 now and arent Microsoft products purportedly soooooooooo phenomenal and integrated now?


Actually? NO they're not, far far from it.


I cant tell till I actually fool around with your idea, but is this "get metadata" flow task meaning prompting me for input such as with a modal dialogue box (which is what I want) OR (sorry for being cynical but it's just my experience with MS so far) is it just going to assume it's going to 'get metadata' from some existing file and then hey, we can send an email to someone advising a file was copied (eeeeewww) which is obviously not at all what I'm looking for. 


Thanks for the idea, I'll check it out.

Super User
Super User



Because of the flexibility you want in your soultion, you may want to explore using PowerApps for this requirement.



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Ok tried your example Mabel. It copied four files to SharePoint. No where did it prompt me to enter the metadata though!!


Can't find any actions to Set file metadata. So even though the whole thing looks very pretty it's all basically a dressed up DOS file tree where you can't set any properties on a file, but hey, you can send someone an email that a new file has been uploaded.


Is it me or am I really missing something here? I've been AGAIN, at this all afternoon playing with actions and triggers. I now know how to alert myself via an email that I just uploaded a new file. Man Frustrated  Seems I still have to go in manually to bring up the file proeprties in order to set metadata.

Hi @CW,


Could you share a screenshot of your flow?

Are you trying to “Set file metadata”? I am afraid that there is no action could be used to update/create file metadata.

Please share more details on your flow for better understanding. 


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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No, no screen shot. You want a screen shot of a blank, empty screen?


YES, I'm wanting to set metadata. Hmmmmmm, I think I mentioned that didn't I?

Can someone please help with this. 

I too would like a dialogue box to appear when a file has been added\created\modified in a SharePoint Library where only the title  of the document name has been saved. 


I have other columns that need to be filled-in to add metadata to the document such as the Topic (Managed Metadata Field), Region (Managed Metadata Field) both are "Required" columns but the user is not forced to fill these.


If you feel this would be best achieved via a mix of PowerAutomate and PowerApps then perhaps you could provide some guidance or point us in the right direction?


New Member

This is one of the saddest exchanges on this forum I've seen. The user is hoping for a way to:

1) user uploads document to Doc Library by any means (drag and drop, upload file dialog, etc.),

2) a dialog window or similar prompt is generated that asks the user to input missing metadata on the newly uploaded files,

3) the user completes the appropriate fields,

4) user clicks 'save' and the newly added files are complete with appropriate metadata.


The current state is:

a) user uploads file(s)

b) empty metadata fields from files remain empty even if columns are required

c) someone (usually a downstream user or supervisor) doesn't see files because of missing metadata

d) whole purpose for SharePoint document library fails


The advice to setup a complicated flow that looks for metadata that never existed in the first place is obtuse and totally missed the point. SharePoint USED to prompt users for missing metadata on upload, but doesn't any more. The user has to add the file(s) then remember to select the files and edit the details. MS needs to fix this by adding an option in the Library settings to "prompt for metadata" when new files are added.

Yes JM. It's all pretty pathetic.

I don't understand how others don't understand that the framework is really in need of oversight.

Half of the features and capabilities are either dysfunctional or half-assed not complete.

I've been complaining about many thi G's for years and still no movement and support should be put in jail for fraud. They can't support ja k and most things I ask for I consider standard, everyday functionality available in all web based sites these days. Even simple things like: cascading drop down, filterable managed metadata fields, "Add New Item" for drop downs. Yet all you hear are crickets and others questioning why one would need such things or otherwise get their asses on their shoulders because I hurt their love's (MSFT) feelings.

It all seems quite amateurish in terms of completing tech. The idea is great but the end result really needs help.

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