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Proof of approval in SharePoint

I would like to keep the proof that the approval was given by the requested person in a SharePoint Library.  


My plan is to add a text column with the Approval ID and some other info (email of approver, date,...) that will be added when the approval is completed. I think that it would be a good enough security that the approval is not fake because I hope that the existance of the Approval ID can be verified.


Is there a way to search approvals using the Approval ID? Are the approvals kept forever and even if a person left the company?


As a reference I put the links to similar questions that I reviewed: 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @KTNN0,

Do you want to add multi columns to save the approval data

Could you please tell me more about your need?


Actually, it is possible to save the related data to the approval to the Library. You just need to add as many columns as the approval need to the Library.


However, I would suggest you access to this data in the Dataverse. 

When you call the flow action to make an approval, the body output does contain that id. You can parse through the output of the approval action to fetch that id. That id though is something that will not change, it will be same for your environment.



But yes if used across environments then that id would differ.


There is an admin connection in flow called List Environments as admin which will list out environments and also give you the ids.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your answer!


1) I know that I can add columns with the approval information, however there is no proof that the columns were updated by the flow and not by the user that executed the flow. In the SharePoint version history, I see that the person who started the flow updated the fields.


2) Yes, I would like to access the table you are showing but where is it? Is it > Data > Tables > Approval > Data ? Does it show only my approvals or all?


3) I'm contemplating to implement a workaround. When the approval is done, the flow will add the id of the approval in a column and the id with more info (name of approver, date...) in a separate list. This 2nd list will not be accessible for editing by the owner of the site. It will then be a proof that nobody has by passed the flow.

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