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Publishing file to News

We run our company intranet through a SharePoint comm site, I'm currently building a Flow that allows our News publisher to set a publishing time and date, so they dont have to manually go and do it every time. I'm struggling to find a way to publish the news article, any ideas on my Flow so far? The only bit im struggling with is the Move File bit, I'm trying to point it to the News page but when I try find the news page in site pages it doesnt come up.


Alternatively, is there a way to link a news source to a document library, so whenever a document is put into the document library it puts the most recent document onto the news stream?


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Re: Publishing file to News

hi Jamiehopper1, 


You can use the (hidden) metadata field, Promoted State to check the publishing status and file type of the news/post type. 

Choose for trigger > SharePoint, when a file is created or modified (properties only)

then condition > PromotedState is equals to .... 


Where as: 


0 means Site Page

1 is News Post in Draft

2 = News Post Published


See for reference below screen:



Hope this will helps you go further Smiley Wink 

In my case, if news is published, then send email to certain sharepoint group.