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Q&A Channel --> mark question as answered

Hello everyone, We have a 'Q&A Channel', and if someone posts a new message, this will automatically create a task in planner. We'd like to ask the person who asked the question, to mark their questions as answered, so that the task in planner will be completed.


Here's what I tried so far:
-The same flow that also creates a task in planner, also sends an adaptive card to the user as the flow bot, with a button. Once that button is clicked, the task is completed. This works in this simple way, but I'm still struggling a bit with how to deal with returning info from the adaptive card... Also, we noticed people get confused by these messages from the 'flow bot' and so far nobody has clicked the button.


Here's what I hope can be achieved:

-Once the question is asked, a reply is posted that includes a link. When someone clicks that link (preferably only if the one posting the question clicks it...) it will mark the task as completed. 

-After X days, a reminder is posted, to ask if the question has been answered


Or maybe someone has an even better option, hopefully all within teams and as few clicks involved as possible. 




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