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I've to set a reminder flow based on a sharepoint element. I've set a column with a final date and i want to receive an email notificatión when the date set in this column arrives. Thanks for your help

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Hi @xhermoso , see the images of the flow below. In this example I've got a SharePoint document library with a NextReview column:

  • In Flow use a recurrence schedule as your trigger and set it to 1 day at whatever time you want.
  • Then add a SharePoint Get items action and select your site and list (if you ar eusing a document library you'll need to type in the same as a custom value).
  • Using a Compose action I've then grabbed today's date and stripped out the hours and minutes leaving just the date.
  • Then add an Apply to each, and for each value add a condition control to check if the NextReview date is equal to the output from the Compose Today action.
  • If it is I've then made sure the date in the email will be in my preferred format by using a Convert Timezone (you might not need to do that).
  • Finally add a Send an Email(V2) with the output from the Convert time zone used as the NextReview date.

You don't need anything in the If no red channel.

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0-SPList.png0-SharePoint list1-FlowTrigger-GetItems.png1-Trigger and Get items2-Compose-ApplytoEach-Condition.png2-Compose and Condition3-ConvertTimeZone-SendEmail.png3-Convert TimeZone and Send an Email (V2)4-EmailResult.png4-Email Result