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RSS Weather



We are a commercial roofing company. My boss tasked me with finding a way to send weather alerts to customers on a specified list via email.  I'm using the NOAA RSS feed here:


The problem I'm having is they sometimes update their alerts several times a day.  I'm looking for a way to only let the flow send out one email every day...keep in mind, this needs to be triggered by the RSS publishing an update, not a recurrence...I've been thinking about recording the RSS update time and date in a sharepoint excel file and then referencing that date and time, but not sure how to make it come together.  Any other ideas and instructions are greatly appreciated too!


The picture is what I have now.  It filters any updates with no active warnings based on the RSS title, then sends a formatted email. weather flow.png


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Re: RSS Weather



I work in construction and will only be dealing with this query from that point of view.  

You state that you are proposing to send out this email once a day in an active warning period, that sounds great at first as you are not trying to overload them with email.  However what if the warning increased and as you had already sent a message out that day you did not send another one to your customer and their roof blew off.  Would leave you open to an insurance claim from your customer because they stated they only had one email from you during the active period.  and as they had only had this one email the customer did not take the requisite action to stop their roof being torn off.  

I assume your boss is trying to get them to buy services from you to put the necessary systems in place to stop their roof being torn off.  Is it better for them to receive ALL the emails from you in an active warning period and for them to decide what action they need to take with respect to their roof, even if it means that you cannot get to them to stop their roof being torn off.

The idea is great and the question you post is valid but has your boss thought it through with only ONE email.  Or should you consult your insurers first before even using a flow like this.





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Re: RSS Weather

Thanks for the response, Andrew. You bring a good point. I’m trying to figure out ways at this point to control the outgoing information. Maybe control of just the number of emails isn’t the best way of going about it. Another idea I had, but would be much more advanced, would to be able to parse the information from the feed and be able to discern if it’s something new or simply an extension of the same alert. 7 or 8 emails in a day saying the same thing about wind chill, for example, is unneeded redundancy.
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Re: RSS Weather


I belive you are looking at some sort of Artifiial Intelgence (AI) on this as you state "parse the information from the feed and be able to discern if it’s something new or simply an extension of the same" that is way out of my league and I will have to leave that up to others to answer.

Anyway good luck with this one.





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