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Helper III
Helper III

Re-check SharePoint list after trigger


I'm working on a Flow that is triggered based on a creation or modification of an item in a SPO list.  Its a custom approval flow (not using the PowerAutomate approval control).  Within the flow I have a delay and then another email notification is send, this is to act as the "backup" to the primary approver, i.e. primary approver does not respond within x time (status doesn't change to approve) an email is sent to the backup.  This is all in one flow and I see what's happening is that the flow doesn't recheck the SPO list so it doesn't see the status change.  


I tried adding a get items from the SPO list, but I'm assuming I need to narrow it down to the exact line item (ID), haven't figured out the formula for that yet.  The alternative im thinking about is to trigger another flow to send this to the backup.

Super User
Super User

@kilaj1 , My suggestion for your problem would be, to create a Schedule flow that will run daily and fetch the items that are created before X days [(Created Date - Current date) >= X days] and status is not "Approved", then start sending email to the backup person for each item.


Note: After creating the schedule flow remove the "delay and send email action for backup" from your existing flow.


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- Architect Madhan

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Community Support
Community Support

Is there a reason why you don't want to use the Power Automate approval control? I ask because this would be easier to achieve within the same flow with the Approval action. You can set a variable called ApprovalDone and include a Do until to check after x time has elapsed if the value of the variable is now True and if not send the email to the backup.

Helper III
Helper III

Thanks for the responses, I figured it out with using a get item to the SPO list. @Dejinmi the flow isn't a straight forward approval workflow, multiple stages and options to restart, the status are not just approved, not approved, plus I needed to create a Workflow History (with a gallery).


But I will see if the approval control can be used in other areas.

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