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Receive a weekly email summary of new Dynamics 365 opportunities - Template tweak

Hi I'd like to make two small tweaks to the default "Receive a weekly email summary of new Dynamics 365 opportunities" template but I keep running into a hiccup, any help woudl be appreciated.


I want to filter the results to only show 'Open' Opportunities instead of all Opportunities including closed.


I want to find a way to add the account name and resolve it to the actual account name in Dynamics, at the moment when I choose Account from the 'Dynamic Content' is shows the ascii name instead of resolving that to the actual account name.


Any help woudl be greatly appreciated.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @CarlFarmer


How would you check if the Opportunities is Open or closed in microsoft flow?Or according to which field you could know the Open or closed situation of Opportunities?

Could you please share a screenshot of the flow to choose Account from the 'Dynamic Content' is shows the ascii name?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,




Alice, thanks for the reply.


The create HTML section is where the Flow pulls the values from Dymanics.



The status label value relates to 'Won', 'Lost' and 'Open'




That produces this report with a mix of Won, Lost and Open entries.




I would like to filter this to just 'Open' and nothing else.




If I add the 'Account' field to the HTML option below.




It adds the entry below to the report but does not resolve the account name to the ID.

I guess it needs some sort of lookup code?




Any help on either or both of these queries would be greatly appreciated.




Hi @CarlFarmer,


You could add a Filter Array action under the list records action to filter Status Lable to just 'Open' and nothing else.

The screenshot of the flow should as below:




Best regards,


Hi, I am struggling with how to add a Filter Array?

It looks like you have dropped it in between the List Records and Create HTML table sections but I can see how to do that.

When I click the plus sign I get the options beow and none of these seem to give me a Filter Array section to add.




Sorry if this seems like a really basic question!




Hi @CarlFarmer


Please choose add an action, and the you could input the "Filter Array" in the input field to search for the  "Filter Array" action:




Best regards,


Hi, unfortunately that did not have any affect on the output.

The flow fan successfully without error but the output was exactly the same.


I suspect the filter needs to be applied in the list records (Filter Query) section below but I don't know how to format the syntax.

I tried taking the syntax the 'Filter Array' option you suggested and entering it here but it failed immediately.


Thanks for your help.





Did we ever have a solution for this issue? I am having a similar issue when I add the Owner column from the Opportunity it does not display the name rather than the ID much like the Account issue you reported.



Any updates on anything would be helpful,





I'd like to know too. I want to add owner and account to the table but just get the GUID instead and can't figure out how to add the labels. 

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