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Referencing data from another Sharepoint list


I have seen a few articles that are similar to this issue. So far I have not been able to get it working.

I have two lists. Inventory and Costs. Both have a ProductID and a Cost for the ProductID.

Inventory has many of the same ProductID on different floors. Costs is a reference for each ProductID.

I want to be able to update the cost of the ProductID in the Costs list and have the Inventory list receive the new cost in it's list.

The LookUp method looks like a dropdown choice instead of grabbing the data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Super User

If you are referencing a drop down value in automate, you'll want to be sure you reference the column that says something like "values" at the end.  this should have your actual value. Otherwise you are grabbing the choice of options like it sounds like you are seeing currently

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Super User

Here is one of mine that is a drop down value in the source list:

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier



I would do it like this (see screenshot below)


1. Select the trigger "When an item is created or modified" and use the "Costs" list in the action. This way the flow will run as soon as you or someone else changes something in the "Costs" list.


2. Use the "Get items" action and point it to the "Inventory" list. Under "Filter", put it "ProductID eq 'triggerOutputs()?['body/ProductID']'". This way you'll only get the items with the same ProductID. Those are the items that you want to change the cost value.


3. Use the "Apply to each" action with the "value" dynamic content from the "Get items" action above.


4. Use the "Update item" action, to update every item with the same ProductID.


For ID, Title and ProductID, use the dynamic value from the "Get items" action in the dynamic content tab.


Important! Make sure you select Cost from the "Trigger" action (The one at the bottom, "When an item is created or modified").






let us know if this works for you!



I am receiving an error message: 'Correct to include a valid reference to 'Get_Items' for the input paramater(s) of action 'Update_item_-_Inventory'.

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 11.25.10 AM.png

Flow checker shows no errors.

With the above config.:

The expression "Product ID eq 'A002'" is not valid. Creating query failed.
clientRequestId: 8aacb54f-babe-4917-9d37-90312be1e973
serviceRequestId: 8aacb54f-babe-4917-9d37-90312be1e973

To be clear, there are multiple entries with the same Product ID in the Inventory list.

Are trying to rerun a previous run or triggering a new run? Sometimes changing a flow especially adding a new connection requires a fresh trigger to sync everything together 

No.  there are no flows running on the Costs list and no flows running on the Inventory list.  I have a flow built and ready to be enabled that sends an email when the Quantity is 3 or less...but it's not on now.



Make sure you use the correct internal name of the ProductID field in the Filter Query field of the "Get items" action.


There are no spaces in internal SharePoint field names. If your column name in SharePoint is "Product ID" (with an empty space between Product and ID), then the real field name would be something like ProductIDProduct%20ID or ProductID0.


To check the real internal name, go to the list settings at the top right.




then click on the Product ID column name:




and the check in the URL the name after the "&Field=" parameter.




that's your actual field name you need to use in the Filter Query field, not "Product ID".


@Caspar_Rubin is right about the spaces, those are no good. If after correcting that space in the fieldname that error message still exists, it could also be that you have a mismatch with dynamic content especially if used in an expression, it doesn't always update or get deleted like other dynamic content does. So something in the flow could still be referencing a step called "Get_Items" which is what you renamed to be "Get_Items - Inventory" Power Automate automatically hides underscores "_" in all step names, so if you see a space it almost always in an underscore. unless you intentionally put a space in there then I think it keeps it.

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