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Regex help! (Plumsail Regular Expression Match)


I am attempting to perform a similar task in Power Automate as presented in this article 

My data source is a field in SharePoint online - containing the below data:


- **SharePoint sites:** _SharePoint RCM_;
- **SharePoint Site Permissions:** _Read, create and modify_;
- **Teams group:** _Teams - O_;
- **Teams group Permissions:** _Owner_;
- **File Server - shared folder:** _uml RCM_;
- **File Server Permissions:** _Read, create and modify_;
- **Group Email Accounts :** _Group email_;
- **Outlook Public Folders:** _OPF _;
- **Access to office areas (door card):** _IT Office _;
- **Comments:** _Comments_;

I used Regex101 to test the below statements.


Individually, each one matches the required line of data in the above string. However when I try to combine all of them into one complete statement (as demonstrated in the article) no matches are identified.


My assumption is that the '|' symbol at the end of each statement represents an OR condition for the next statement.  Saying that, I removed these symbols with the same problem.


Any help would be really appreciated.



\*\*SharePoint sites:\*\* _(?<SharePointSites>.+|)

\*\*SharePoint Site Permissions:\*\* _(?<SharePointSitePermissions>.+|)

\*\*Teams group:\*\* _(?<TeamsGroup>.+|)

\*\*Teams group Permissions:\*\* _(?<TeamsGroupPermissions>.+|)

\*\*File Server - shared folder:\*\* _(?<FileShare>.+|)

\*\*File Server Permissions:\*\* _(?<FileSharePermissions>.+|)

\*\*Group Email Accounts :\*\* _(?<GroupEmail>.+|)

\*\*Outlook Public Folders:\*\* _(?<OutlookPublicFolders>.+|)

\*\*Access to office areas \(door card\):\*\* _(?<OfficeArea>.+|)



Accepted Solutions
Helper I
Helper I

@acox - Thank you very much!!

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Helper I
Helper I

Helper I
Helper I

Hi @Warren_Gibbs,


As far as I can see, your expression is missing two things: a capturing group ( ) for each statement and alternation operators between them (the "|" symbol):


\*\*(SharePoint sites:)\*\* _(?<SharePointSites>.+|)|\*\*(SharePoint Site Permissions:)\*\* _(?<SharePointSitePermissions>.+|)|etc...


This is what the complete expression should look like:


\*\*(SharePoint sites:)\*\* _(?<SharePointSites>.+|)|\*\*(SharePoint Site Permissions:)\*\* _(?<SharePointSitePermissions>.+|)|\*\*(Teams group:)\*\* _(?<TeamsGroup>.+|)|\*\*(Teams group Permissions:)\*\* _(?<TeamsGroupPermissions>.+|)|\*\*(File Server - shared folder:)\*\* _(?<FileShare>.+|)|\*\*(File Server Permissions:)\*\* _(?<FileSharePermissions>.+|)|\*\*(Group Email Accounts :)\*\* _(?<GroupEmail>.+|)|\*\*(Outlook Public Folders:)\*\* _(?<OutlookPublicFolders>.+|)|\*\*(Access to office areas \(door card\):)\*\* _(?<OfficeArea>.+|)



Hope this was useful!

Helper I
Helper I

@acox - Thank you very much!!

Helper I
Helper I

You're very welcome, @Warren_Gibbs!

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